Guests on Artists on Art Synthia Payne & Anthony Cordott

aoa10279On October 27, 2009, I had the pleasure to interview a music improviser, video producer, and event director specializing in spontaneous multiplayer, multi-location, music improvisations over the Internet, Synthia Payne. She is also a fellow DANM graduate.

She brought along into the studio her music collaborator Anthony Cordott.  He is a composer, lyricist,  musician and online musical improviser.

Among other topic such as the experience of online musical collaboration, we spoke of the tools used in this cutting edge interactive “virtual” musical performances the tools, servers and programs used.  A free public server is Nimbot, the uses the program Nimjam. This system has around one measure of latency.  For a private professional high end system and possibly less latency time, they also use Jamink and JackTrip that were developed at Stanford at the CCRMA (the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics).

Please click here to listen to our recorded live broadcast.

I feel really lucky to interview Synthia because she is leaving Santa Cruz for Colorado shortly.  We’ll miss her and hopefully she’ll be back soon.

100 Trumpets

On Monday, October 19. 2009, my friend, Maksa Maksutovic Maksut conducted after arranging 100 trumpeters (half Serbian, half Romi) to play at the same time.  Here it is on youtube.

Prof. Maggie Morse on Artists on Art for October 20, 2009

maggiemorseThis show was very special and a thrill to interview the fabulous Maggie Morse.  Back in December of 2006, she’s the person that encouraged me to apply to DANM and get to where I am today.  I would most likely not have a radio show. That’s for sure.

Margaret Morse is a Professor of Film and Digital Media at UCSC and For the last year and a half, Maggie has been Director of the University of California Education Abroad Study Center in Germany 2008-10. She is in town for the ART of COLLABORATION Symposium taking place this Thursday and Friday (October 22 & 23) at the Digital Arts Research Center. She is co-convening with B. Ruby Rich in creating this event. Also, this is the DARC inaugural event.

Prof. Morse is currently researching collaboration in art discourse and practice and exploring cultural changes in Eastern Europe 1989-2009. Her current writing projects include a monograph on Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will and a book on “Art and the Other Senses”.

We had a lot to talk about and as usual not enough time. We went through the entire event’s program. To hear the live broadcast please click here.

Here’s the twitter video that I took right before our show:

Ann Thiermann on Artist on Art 10/13/09

Picture 4The show for Oct. 13 was an interesting and exciting night due to an incredible tropical storm that dumped tremendous amounts of rain.  Also, the Emergency Broadcast System’s interrupted the show at the very beginning.  Frankly, I didn’t know what to do.  We were having flash floods here in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

We talked about Ann’s upcoming show ” Visual Conversations with Women in the Arts” that happened October 18- December 4, 2009 with the opening reception Sunday, October 25, 2-4pm at the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery at Cowell College.

Ann in the KZSC studio.

3/11/10 Update: In case you missed the exhibit last year, 2009, luckily, you get another opportunity.

Ann’s show is continuing with the PVAC (Pajaro Valley Arts Council)  at the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery, March 11 – May 2nd.  Here’s the link for more information, Pajaro Valley Gallery.  The Opening Reception is March 21st from 3-5pm.

Please listen to our show in entirety by clicking on the triangle below.


Ann has painted portraits of local Santa Cruz women artists since 2005. The conversation began with a portrait of Ann Dizikes that was set next to her weaving.

She continued doing portraits the evolved to include the following women artists: Jody Alexander – book binder, Linda Arnold and Ariel Thiermann – singer/folk musicians, Tandy Beal – dancer/choreographer,  Martha Cassanave – photographer, Ann Dizikes – weaver, Susan Else: textile sculptor, Jane Gregorius: printmaker, Christianna Hunnicutt – clay sculptor, Rebecca Jackson – violinist, Marilyn Kuksht – metal sculptor, Njeri McGilliaddy – ceramicist, Margaret More – lace maker, Shelley Phillips – folk musician, Rose Sellery – sculpture & wearable art, Robynn Smith – painter/printmaker, Linda Watson – metalsmith/jeweler, and last but not least Vlada Volkova-Moran: organist/pianist.

My 2nd Breakfast Blogging Thursday @ Website

Ian Stock provided the doughnuts.  Bless him.Picture 3

Jack Lalanne died today, may he rest in peace. I’m sad yet glad that he made it as long as he did. 95 thank you very much!  He’s been an exercise inspiration my whole life.

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James Aschbacher on Artists on Art for October 6, 2009


On the KZSC radio show for October 6th, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the local painter and muralist James Aschbacher .  Once you’ve seen James’ work, you’ll recognize it forever.  Plus, he has ten murals in Santa Cruz County and several downtown on the corner of Cedar and Walnut, on Plaza Lane and at the corner of Bay and Mission (Bay View Elementary).

media paintings.

Please click here to listen to our radio interview.

To see a twitvid by Allan Lundell of us viewing James’ art at his home for open studio, click here.

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New Page for Artists on Art Digital Archive

I created a page for the digital archive of the radio broadcast of “Artists on Art” since the show first began at the end of January 2009.

This show would not have happened without the help of Sharon Daniel, DANM MFA Program Chair, and Lyle Troxell, DANM Technical Coordinator.  Sharon supported my ability to take the radio class  while Lyle taught me how to use WordPress for the DANMite blog.

Matt Moran Guest on Artists on Art 9/22/9


At the end of September I had the pleasure to interview Matt Moran, band leader of the Slavic Soul Party for the weekly half hour UCSC’s KZSC radio show, Artists on Art. Please click here to hear the show in its entirety.

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First Blog and Breakfast at NextSpace

Today is my first time at the Blog and Breakfast at NextSpace.

I’ve been wanting to upload the interview I had with Matt Moran, leader of Slavic Soul Party that played here last Thursday at the Kuumbwa.  The band features the singer, Eva Salina Primack.  She is the daughter of the architect of NextSpace.  She has an incredible voice.  The band lived up to its name.

Sadly, I could not find the file.  I’ll do it later. The interview was on the KZSC radio show, Artists on Art, Septemeber 21st.

We’re having bagels, thanks to Mahesh.

I have to run to my first section teaching up at UCSC for the very interesting class in the History of Art and Visual Culture Department, Video Games as Visual Culture.

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