Jonathan Quintin 12/28/09 Guest on Artists on Art

Jonathan Quintin visual and sculptural artists using sacred geometry was on Artists on Art on KZSC 88.1 FM on December 28, 2009.  This was the last show for 2009.  Hopefully, there will be many more in 2010.

We began the interview with Jonathan’s very articulate explanation of what is sacred geometry by referring to the Five Platonic solids.

His website, Sacred Geometry has information about  the presentation. Details of his presentation can also be as a Facebook Event is called Point 618 Universal Order in  Santa Cruz, CA 2nd January at the Dann Institute 420 Happy Valley Road, Santa Cruz, CA 7:00 – 9:00 pm Entry by donation and for more information call 831 425 7864.  and will be this Saturday.

Jonathan has animated these beautiful images with accompanying music by Christine Morrison and at  The animated movies of his images based on sacred geometry is a DVD that is available buy on the website, Sacred as well as see many wonderful snippets.

Our show can be heard in entirety by clicking on the triangle below. [audio:].

Below is a twitvid in the KZSC studio.

Professor/Artist Lewis Watts on Artists on Art 12/22/09

Lewis Watts photo by Sophie Maher

For the December 22, 2009 show of Artists on Art, the live broadcast was a prerecorded interview with UCSC Professor Lewis Watts.

During the show, we discussed three of his current projects involving the history of African-Americans in Harlem, San Francisco, and New Orleans. As a long-term artist archivist, Prof. Watts is working on many photography projects simultaneously.  Some of these projects, such as his Harlem – New York project, have been ongoing since the early 70s.  We also spoke of the inspiration that accompanies working with students specifically changing to the digital realm.  When Lewis began archiving old and sometimes damaged photographs, he quickly learned the need to go digital and learn Photoshop.

Our show can be heard in entirety by clicking on the triangle below. [audio:]

-1The first art project we spoke about concerned his current photography exhibition at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles. The photographs are from a book entitled Harlem of the West: The San Francisco Fillmore Jazz Era Chronicle Books,  2005. This book also provides textual, co-authored with Elizabeth Pepin a writer and public television producer, history of the African-American movement into San Francisco’s Japantown during WWII due to the ship building related jobs and housing surplus created by the Japanese interment. It charts the growth and evolution of the Fillmore District in its musical heyday in the 1940s and 50s. During our show, Lewis tells an amazing story on how he was able to get access to some of these amazing old photographs.

Secondly, we spoke of his soon to be published book, “New Orleans Suite” which is about New Orleans’ Culture. This book’s co-author is jazz scholar Prof. Eric Porter of the UCSC American Studies Department. The book will be published by the University of California Press in 2011 in time for the 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The following are some of the images that will be in the book.

Altar to Marie LaVeau, Voodoo Spiritualist Center, New Orleans 1996

City Park, 6 Weeks After Katrina, New Orleans 2005

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Aurelia Shrenker and Eva Salina Primack on Artist on Art Interview Show 12/15/09

Photo by Laura-Mae Noble

Photo by Laura-Mae Noble

This show was a pre-recorded interview from December 1st, 2009, when both these fabulous singers that form AE were in town for their CD release party at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz.

They sang beautifully live at the Kuumbwa and captured wonderfully both on the CD and in the radio station.  For more information about their music, their website is AEsings.

The two women bring together a deep knowledge of different vocal traditions to create something new while honoring the old. I’m fascinated that they were able to take a passion sparked when they were children and cultivated into their adulthood through a two-prong approach to gain deeper understanding: by studying ethnomusicology and continuing to sing.

During the interview, Aurelia and Eva articulated their process, evolution, and intention as artists very well.  This includes addressing sensitive sociological issues of culture and traditions.

You will also hear them talk about their chosen name AE (the joined a and e, officially pronounced “ash”) and how it represents something of a dual nature–not singular, not plural, but exactly two.

Georgian panduri khalhuri

Georgian panduri khalhuri

During their short visit to Santa Cruz, as I mentioned above, I had the fortune to see them play both in the studio and at the Kuumbwa. They primarily perform a cappella with occasional accompaniment on the accordion, Eva, and Georgian panduri, Aurelia.

In case you missed our mini-interview that was broadcast December 1st, please scroll down on this blog.

Our show can be heard in entirety below by clicking on the triangle below. [audio:]

The recorded interview starts with Aurelia and Eva singing. During the live broadcast, I introduced them both at the beginning of the show to give context.

Below is a YouTube video of Aurelia and Eva performing “Shairebi” which is on their new CD.

Mark Forry and the SC Chorale on AonArt 12/8/9

sclogoIt was a great pleasure to have Mark Forry on the show to talk about the upcoming show performances by the Santa Cruz Chorale for Christmas.  The is the 27th year for this amateur local singers.  Mark sings in the bass section.  This is his third year to be involved in this annual event starring internationally known Conductor and Artistic Director, Christian Grube.   Santa Cruz are so blessed with the caliber of artists in our community! SCChorale

The performance also has an opening act: the Antiquarians, a musical group specializing in authentic musical performances of rarely heard works from the Renaissance and Early Baroque periods. Based in Santa Cruz, California, The Antiquarian Funks were founded in 1971 by Head Funk William G. Mathews, and have been performing ever since in a wide variety of combinations and venues. The Funks perform with reproductions of original antique instruments. During our show, Mark had a forgotten the name of an instrument that Bill plays.  It is  the “cornett” –cornet it looks like a curved horn and has finger holes like a flute but it sounds like a modern cornet or trumpet.

The Santa Cruz Chorale will be having their first Christmas show Sunday the 13th of December in Watsonville  and then the next weekend in Santa Cruz at Holy Cross on the 19th and 20th of December.  Please visit their website for details.

Our show can be heard in entirety here:

Here’s a little twitvid of Mark right before our show together.

I’m hoping to have Mark back on sometime in the future to talk about his involvement with Balkan Folk community here in Santa Cruz.  Also, he helped local singer Eva Salina Primack get turned on to Balkan Folk singing and the collaboration of AE which reminds me…

Next week, I will be broadcasting on KZSC a prerecorded full-length interview with Aurelia Shrenker and Eva Salina Primack of the group AE, based in Brooklyn, at their website:  We spoke when they were in town for their first self-titled CD release Party at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center at the beginning of December.

If you can’t tune in via radio or internet for the show, no worries. As always, it will be archived here.  I highly recommend this show. They do a lot of really beautiful singing during the interview in the radio studio.

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