Jimbo Phillips Guest for Artists on Art 3/30/10 KZSC Radio Show

Jimbo creating his next great piec

Graphic artist and local treasure  Jimbo Phillips was on Artists on Art for the last Tuesday in March 2010. You can see his work all over town. His current posters for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls are beloved and tacked  to many a teenager’s wall all across the Santa Cruz county.  Here’s a picture of one of his posters for the Derby girls.

The time flew by during this half-hour radio show. We had a great time talking about his early training (mostly self-taught with a few classes from Cabrillo, our local junior college) to his emergence in the field of poster and deck graphic arts, logo design and even video games.  His illustrations can be seen in Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland.

Jimbo got his start right after graduating from high school working in his father’s studio, the world renowned graphic designer, Jim Phillips. Many a vintage skateboard and surfboard are graced with Jim’s art.  Jim started creating surf art in the 60s continuing into the 70s when he became the art director for Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Jimbo is continuing the legacy. Jimbo’s early influences of R. Crumb were greatly motivated by his father.  During our show, Jimbo told us a great story of his father planting Mad Magazines in his bedroom when he was a youngster.

Way back in the 80’s, Jimbo started his career from the bottom, literally, sweeping the floors in his dad’s studio.  Within a year, though, he had moved up to drawing comics.  His passions, commonly shared by many Santa Cruz locals,  for skateboarding and snowboarding quickly translated into deck art for skateboards, snowboards, and surfboards.  You can find Jimbo’s work here in town at the NHC outlet store at the Santa Cruz BoardRoom on 41st or online at NHS Fun Factory.

Another place to see Jimbo’s work is at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in the current exhibition entitled,  Surf City Santa Cruz, A wave of Inspiration.  This multi-media, museum wide exhibition features almost half a dozen poster art pieces by Jimbo.  There are also many surf boards and movies to be seen in this unique museum show.  The show began March 27 and runs through July 25, 2010.

If you missed the live broadcast,  you can listen to our show in entirety by clicking on the triangle below.
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Photo by George Sakkestad

Here is a photo of the father and son artists duo taken for a Metro Santa Cruz article back in April of 1999 for an exhibition, Surf’s Up, they had at the Pajaro Gallery.

Artists on Art 3/16/10 Guest Kathleen Kralowec

self portrait from kathleen kralowec on Vimeo.

March 16, 2010, Kathleen Kralowec came on to Artists on Art to talk about her upcoming installation in the DANM MFA Graduating Students’ Exhibition taking place at the end of April 2010.  We also spoke of her recent collaborative work, Stop the Presses, that she did along with the DANM Participatory Technologies group and UCSC Theater Arts.  To get the degree, a person has to do a museum quality installation in a exhibition, write an academic level thesis of new digital media philosophy and partake in a group project.   The “Stop the Presses” theatrical work was the Participatory Technologies Group Project.

Kathleen spoke about her three animated piece that will be screening during the DANM “Things that are Possible”.  The first piece is entitled “The Myth of Creation”.

Creation Myth from Kathleen Kralowec on Vimeo.

Please listen to our show in entirety by clicking on the triangle below.

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Betsy McNair – Guest on Artists on Art 3/9/10

For the special program during the KZSC Spring Pledge Drive, Betsy McNair came on to the show, Artists on Art, as the guest.  Betsy is a DJ for the KZSC music show, Breakfast in Bed.

Betsy is “multi-media” artist (this is my term) practicing cooking, book authoring, DJing, and Mexican tour guiding.  During our interview, she explains that even though she’s never picked up a pen or a paintbrush to make a picture she is an artist.  Her life practice is  her work of art.

Concerning cooking, she talked about mixing flavors together in a dish as an art form. Concerning DJing, we discussed the activist role of bringing women’s voices to the radio that generally mostly has male voices.  A great deal of our show was her sharing her art of djing.

Concerning Breakfast in Bed, Betsy is entering her 16th year of playing “women’s music for everyone”  every Sunday morning from 9am to noon.  She is a part of a collective that began 35 years ago here on the UCSC campus.  These women are safe to say that they are the longest running women’s music radio program in the world.  The show’s creation inspired by a UCSC class devoted to studying “women’s” music back in the early 70s. From that class, several women got together and started a radio show that was only “womyn’s” activist music.   Over the years, Breakfast in Bed has evolved to include music featuring male back-up musicians and softened the political bent.  As Betsy says, it’s not needed as much anymore.  Today maybe due in part by the internet and programs such as garageband, we have a plethora of music written and produced by women.  Hallelujah!

Please listen to our show in entirety by clicking on the triangle below.

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Here’s a little video we took right before the show:

3/2/10 Artists on Art Poppy Champlin and Topher Maraffi

Queer Queen of Comedy Poppy Champlin

This radio show on KZSC was a little different than usual by featuring  two guests, Poppy Champlin who’s bringing the Queer Queens of Qomedy to Santa Cruz, and Topher Maraffi talking about the  experimental theater production, “Stop the Press”.

The show began with Poppy Champlin speaking about her show “Queer Queens of Qomedy” at the Rio Theater happening March 6, 2010. She is bringing this “make you laugh so hard you’ll crack a rib or at least be crying” show for everyone not just gays and lesbians.

We talked about her co-Queens (feisty Latin Diva of Comedy”, Sandra Valls, and multi-talented “secret love child of Steve Martin and Better Midler”, Roxanna Ward).  We spoke of  Poppy’s beginnings as a comedian in Rhode Island and moving to the big times by becoming a member of the famed Second City Comedy Troupe.  We also talked about her upcoming Showtime Comedy Special “the LOL Comedy Festival”.

For tickets, you can go  the Rio Theater or to tickets.com.

Next, Topher Maraffi and I spoke about the experimental performance, “Stop the Press!”.  This is a collaborative production of the DANM Performative Technologies Group (Topher, Jessica Hayden, Chris Molla, Kathleen Kralowec) and select faculty from the UCSC Theater Arts Department.  Jim Bierman helped with writing, The performance was directed by Kimberly Jannarone.  David Cuthbert worked with the group as well.

The performances take us into two worlds. the golden age of newspapers and the triumph of the digital age.  Where else are you going to see Topher in a spandex mocap suit dancing with his realtime 3D digital double, or go through Leland’s electrifying video tunnel to the future, or enjoy Kathleen’s amazing dancing animations, or interact with Jessica’s cool fortune telling devices, or immerse yourself in Chris’ timeless soundscapes? Just a few more hints on what you will see: animatronic Ray Kurzweil, embodied Bill Joy, The Carousel of Progress, and a gigantic realtime 3D eyeball controlled by a joystick. The actors directed by Kimberly Jannerone are excellent, the set is mesmerizing, the costumes are sexy android steampunk, there is tons of digital media, and the story is thought provoking.

Not to be missed or you’ll be really sad upcoming shows are: Mar 4, 5, & 6, Thurs-Sat at 7pm & 9pm, and March 7th, Sunday matinee at 3pm. UCSC students with ID get one free ticket! General Admission $14. Other students and seniors $11.

Tickets for “Stop the Press!” can be bought at the UCSC Ticket office (call 459-2150) or online at SantaCruzTickets.com.

Listen to the different guests on the show in entirety by clicking on one of the triangles below.  The top triangle is Poppy Champlin’s interview the second triangle Topher Maraffi.

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[audio: http://www.miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/aoa3210TMaraffi.mp3]

Here’s a little video of Topher that I took right before the show:

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