Allan Lundell Guest on Artists on Art for June 29, 2010 shown

Al at Burning Man

On June 29, 2010, I had the great pleasure to speak with longtime Santa Cruzian artist, videographer, journalist, futurist, techno-wizard,  Allan Lundell.

Allan has done so many things in his long and illustrious career making media that it was challenging  to know where to start the conversation.

We first spoke of Allan’s beginnings as a videographer while a student at Antioch University in Baltimore in 1972 at the very beginning of this new media form, video, using the Sony PortaPac.  His job through the school was to record video of government experiments on the biggest drug users in the world doing drugs.  He explained his recording people sitting in a circle each holding a joint and being told to smoke it all together to it’s cherry stub.

After graduating from college, Allan began working in Silicon Valley in the latter 1970s working as a journalist specializing in new technology working for magazines such as  BYTE, and  Mondo 2000. He is the author of the 1989 book Virus! The Secret World of Computer Invaders That Breed and Destroy.

For years, he has been living in the San Lorenzo Valley. He co-founded Future Peak home of Virtual World Studio.  This may be one of the only off-the grid-media company’s in the world. He is co-founder of the DigiBarn Computer Museum in Boulder Creek with fellow forward thinker Bruce Damer created in 2001. In 2009, he co-founded Awake Media.

He’s made tons of videos that can be found on Youtube and Vimeo,  One of the most fascinating aspects to Allan’s work is he has been recording anything that is interesting in his life since 1987 when Sony launched the 4 mm DAT or Digital Audio Tape as a new digital format.  He’s been recording in Hi Definition since 2005 and tapeless since 2008.

He has over 20 years of parties, events, get-togethers with really incredible talented artistic people.  If you’ve partied with Allan over the last two decades, there’s a pretty good chance you’re in his archive.   Having always been an incredible social networker in the physical, Allan has embraced social media both as a practitioner as well as educator. 

Al began his interest in radio in high school when he began making them and broadcasting in the 60s. Most recently, he is the host of the Dr. Future show (entertaining all positive possibilities for the future) which airs Tuesdays at 2 pm on local family-owned AM radio station, KSCO 1080 AM radio.

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Andrew Broadbent

Local artist painter and activist, Andrew Broadbent was the guest on Artists on Art for June 22, 2010.

Two years ago, Andrew moved to Santa Cruz via Hayward and originally from Connecticut.  He has been an artist his entire life.  You can find some of his paintings at following link: Fine Art America.

When he began painting, the themes were apolitical, until recently.  A few years back, he was inspired by his work in real estate and watching the big banks going bankrupt.  Also, the CEO of Lehman is from his home town Greenwich, Connecticut.  This hit home personally.

Unbridled Enthusiasm

This research led him to paint, Unbridled Enthusiasm, an acrylic on canvas depiction of the all the aspects that played a role in the Housing Market’s Collapse.  The painting encapsulates his idea of corporate greed.

Profits of War

After which, his research led him to questioning the role of politics and the oil industry in the new painting titled “Profits of War“.  This painting has been transferred to t-shirts and available  in Santa Cruz at Graffix Pleasure and Streetlight Records.

Andrew spoke of using social networks and platforms to activate people to not only think about our nation’s dependence on oil and also make changes in their behavior.  The Pickens Plan intends to break the US addiction to foreign oil.  As an example, Andrew put his Pickens Plan Painting on YouTube to reach a greater audience.  Andrew is using his own Facebook page in connection to the Pickens Plan Facebook page.

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Stephen Hosmer Guest on Artist on Art for 6/15/10

Santa Cruz local artist, Steve Hosmer, was the guest for the the June 15th live broadcast of UCSC’s KZSC’s Artists on Art show to talk about the art of signs and posters design.

Are signs propaganda?

It was great talking to him because as a member of NextSpace I am surrounded by his bold artwork every working day.

The following pictures of his work were taken at NextSpace.

During the show, we spoke of how Steve got into this art form. His career in art and sign making began when he was working as a waiter at the Chart House in Los Gatos and the owner asked that he make a parking sign.  He did and the owner loved it.  

Hence began  a new career in Pleasure Point where he was already making stained glass windows.

In 1984 his neighbor, Harry Stokes, retired and Steve took over the business, Stokes Signs at the Sash Mill where business still resides.  Through hard work and a lot of lessons learned, since then, Steve has built a successful and prolific business.  His signs are all over Santa Cruz.

Five years ago, Steve began making poster art as a way to continue revenue on his work.  Signs generally are a one time fee and payment.

To date, he has created over 40 local paintings, including Elkhorn Slough, the Boardwalk’s ferris wheel, the Santa Cruz wharf and Bonny Doon, to name just a few. He credits two German artists as his inspiration — Ludwig Hohlwein and Lucien Bernhard.

For more information about about Steve Hosmer’s work and Stokes Signs, please go to

If  you want to see his studio and witness  the process, you’re in luck.  Steve partakes in Open Studios.  This year the event will take place the first three weekends in October.  This year is particularly special because it is the will be the 25th  year of Open Studios put on by the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County.

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The following is a twitvid we took before the show:

More art by guest, Steve Hosmer.

Hike California is a series  of posters being designed for
The State of California Santa Cruz.

Photo Credits:  Seabright lighthouse , Both  and Westside rainbow from Seabright Beach

My daughter, Justine, is the model on the bike for this years and last years  logo for the Tour of California.

Yvette Contois 6/8/10 Guest on Artists on Art

Local artist, of both the fine and commercial worlds and educator, Yvette Contois was the guest for the June 8th live broadcast of UCSC’s KZSC‘s Artists on Art.

She works as an art teacher, graphic designer, technical illustrator, and painter.

Yvette has been giving art lessons to adults & children since 1990. For the last year, she has been teaching at the studio space, the Art Factory, in Aptos.  Currently,   there are many summer classes for kids happening from ceramics to art/science and

Her artwork has been featured in juried exhibits since the 1980s, and her commercial art has won national & local recognition.  She received her Bachelors in Fine Art and K-12 Art Teaching Certification from Rosemont College, PA, & an Associate Degree in Visual Communications & Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Her guiding passion is bringing art into the lives of her students and that all ages can develop the ability to draw and paint what they see while enriching their visual perception of the world.

Yvette recognizes the value in children creating art as “historical documents”; representing their thoughts, processes, developmental stages and creativity. Process and positive, supportive art experiences always come before product.

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