Rocky Romano on Artists on Art July 27, 2010

On July 27th, Rocky Romano was the live guest artist on Artists on Art, KZSC’s weekly interview radio show to talk about his art as a filmmaker and activist.

Rocky has done a lot of different things in his life from  Manhattan and Tahoe Restaurateur to action sports athlete to filmmaker  to creating a production company that makes action sports movies and award winning short documentaries and online community with Keep Tahoe Real.

We had a great conversation on how Rocky got started as a filmmaker after receiving his education in business management at UC Berkeley, doing the corporate project management work in Oakland, moving to to Tahoe and becoming an action sports athlete, a world cup level snowboard coach, and a world-class raft guide.

We talked about his first ski and snowboard video Gapers Gone Wild in 2003.  You can see this cult classic by clicking on the link.

In 2006, he founded  The Go Big Project production company that specializes in action sports films, videos, events, photography, music, athletes and brand development. He then helped create the grass roots online community where you can find a lot of information about Rocky and his crew and  that features the best of action sports, film, art, music, photography and culture from around the world.  The tagline at Keep Tahoe Real is to Respect Earth and Life.  Their mission is to support and promote the growth of the action sports industry and community.

We talked about his production company’s movie, “Ride A Wave”, that won the audience award for best short at this year’s Santa Cruz Film Festival.  The picture on the right is a still from the beginning of the movie.   Ride a Wave is a local organization that provides a day surfing and boogie boarding for kids with special needs. The movie shows kids that can’t even walk catching waves at Cowells. It really pulls at your heart strings.

During the show, we played the music that is featured in  the “Ride A Wave” movie that was created by the Lead Editor/Production Manager of the Go Big Project, Rob Armenti.  You can find Rob’s music at his page on myspace.

Lastly, we talked about the newest movie, “Stealing Cars” to be released this fall by the Go Big Project.  Below is the trailer for  Stealing Cars and the movie short Ride a Wave.

“Stealing Cars” Official Teaser from The Go Big Project on Vimeo.

Ride a Wave from The Go Big Project on Vimeo.

If you would like to hear a recording of our live broadcast, click on the play button below.

Noga Vilozny

On July 6, 2010, multi-talented, local artist and longtime resident (from the age of 10) Santa Cruzian, Noga Vilozny, aka Noga Love Bites, spoke with Artists on Art host, Nada Miljkovic.

The two talked about Noga’s life’s work and art practice that involves singing, dancing, acting, life-coaching, and teaching.  All of these forms of artistic expression which can be related to in terms of elevating vibrations.

Noga is also well known about town as Noga Love Bites.  She has been sending emails to people signed up through her website NogaLovesMe.  People are very happy to receive these surprises that can be affirmations, pictures, movies, all kinds of media with content that help make the day a little better.

Noga began acting with her friend and filmmaker Bella Shing (creator of  Sweeter Media) a Los Angeles transplant who now calls Santa Cruz home. Shing and Vilozny became friends after Vilozny attended a “Manifesting Your Beloved” seminar. The two began collaborating artistically last August when they created two commercials that have been submitted to Cannes.  They can be viewed at Noga’s website in the tab Photos.

The two also worked on a movie called Noga & the Love Seminar. Vilozny wrote the screenplay with director Bella Shing,  Santa Cruz resident Penny Dufour plays the supporting role.

The story is about a young woman, Noga, who had some traumatic love experiences. Her friend, Melissa, drags Noga to a seminar about love. The film follows Noga’s experiences in the seminar as she discovers whether it will help erase her marred past and bring her the love she desires.

Image by Kyer Wiltshire

Vilozny’s singing experience is put to use in the film, as she lends her vocals to several songs throughout the story. Local salsa band Flor De Caña performed all of the music for the short.

Here’s the trailer for Noga & the Love Seminar:

Nada and Noga talked about Noga’s singing and dancing particularly Flamenco. Noga sang several songs during the course of the show.  They also spoke of how Noga began helping people organize their homes.

Photo by Reija Bolwell

Please click on the link below to hear the entire broadcast.

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