Christopher Tracy’s Parade – aka the “Prince Show”

I had the best time Subbing for DJ Oy Dog.
Here’s my playlist from the Prince Show today, June 30, 2011.

“Little Red Corvette”
“why don’t you call me anymore” S
“cindy c” from (Black) – super fine heifer!
“the cross” from Sign Of The Times
“3121 song” from 3121 MP3 SINGLE
“under the cherry moon” from Sign of the Times (Deluxe Edition)
Prince “while my guitar gently weeks” MP3
“rasberrry beret”
“Christopher Tracy’s Parade” from sign o the times LP ALBUM
“Streets of Alphabets” from All Worlds
“superfunkykalifragisexy” from Black

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Phoenix Toews Guest on Gamers on Game

Photo taken by Lyle Troxell

Phoenix Toews was the guest for this week’s Gamers on Game.

If you would like to see more about his many projects of various media, his website is Phyrworks.

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Kurt Ribak – Artists on Art Guest June 20, 2011

Berkeley native, Bay Area musician, bass player, Kurt Ribak came into the KZSC studio to talk about his music and two upcoming gigs this coming Sunday at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival and Monday at Yoshi’s Oakland.

Kurt plays the piano/keyboards, upright bass, electric bass, cello, and drums. He is a composer and collaborator in several bands, Kurt Ribak Trio, The pickPocket Ensemble and the Kurt Ribak Quintet. His style of music is soulful, eclectic, and accessible original jazz.

Kurt plays in a wide variety of musical settings including experimental music, opera, reggae, and circus bands.  He shares the stage with a mix of performers ranging from preachers to strippers (although not at the same time).

The first show we talked about was the San Francisco Free Folk Festival event happening this weekend. The pickPocket Ensemble will play June 26, next Sunday at 7pm on the main stage of the SF Free Folk Festival happening at 450 30th Ave at Geary in SF.

The second show will be Yoshi’s Oakland the very next day, Monday, June 27th also at 8:00pm  with his Kurt Ribak Quintet Featuring: Greg Sankovich, Lincoln Adler, Rob Hart & Ross Wilson and Special Guests – vocalists Lorna K and Sheilani Alix.

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Here’s a twitvid we took right before the show outside the KZSC station in the Redwoods:

Catherine Aurelio – Gamers on Game Guest for June 20, 2011

Local artist, designer, photographer and gamification expert and user experience maven, Catherine Aurelio was the second guest on the new radio show “Gamers on Game”. 

Catherine has more than 15 years of experience in interactive media and print design. We met at last week’s inaugural TEDxSantaCruz Event. Catherine was one of the speakers presenting ideas concerning “gamification” as a way of helping the world by the use of game dynamics to influence behavior.

Catherine’s career in Santa Cruz began as a photographer and designer through her company Firecracker Studio. Her entrance into the Gamification world came through a friend back in 2007 for a 007 website project and designing a website interface that used gaming dynamics to engage the visitor of the website.  This led to a career change and working as the “User Experience and Creative Direction Lead” at BunchBall.

We talked about how gamification is not game design that is creating a whole new world to play.  Gamification is the integration of game mechanics in non-game environments to increase audience engagement, loyalty and fun.

If you are interested in learning more, go to Bunchball’s Blog site, Also,, has even more information.  This is a fast growing field in a still sluggish economy.

We ended our interview brainstorming ways gamification can be used to make life and particularly those mandatory unpleasant tasks more fun.  For instance, getting kids to do family chores with the help of a game would be great.  As with a lot of good ideas, there is already a designer working on the gamification of parenting. Catherine suggested that we as the Santa Cruz community could make an energy saving game that allows us to compete with our neighbors in reducing energy consumption while helping our planet.

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Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens

June 13, 2011 Performance Artists Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens were  guests for the first Artists on Art radio show at its new time noon on Mondays.

Beth and Annie came on to the show to talk about their upcoming EcoSexual Manifesto & Symposium event produced by Femina Potens Gallery in collaboration with the Center for Sex & Culture and possible through a grant from the city of San Francisco.

The events will take place at the new Center for Sex & Culture (CSC) at 1349 Mission Street (9th and 10th), San Francisco, CA. More information can be found at their website.

The opening of the EcoSex Manifesto is Friday, June 17, 2011, 7:00-9:30 PM, with the unveiling of new works by Beth & Annie: Ecosex wedding videos and ephemera, new collages, a manifesto wall text and more. During our show Beth & Annie read the Eco-Sex Manifesto.

EcoSex Manifesto

Beth is a UCSC Professor in the Art Department specializing in three dimensional when she is not flying around the world marrying the Earth and partner, Annie, Ph.D. Artist, Sexecologist, Author, Lecturer Educator , Thespian Pioneering Film Director and Performer.  Together, they created the Love Art Lab, a 7 Year Performance Piece  inspired by Linda M. Montano’s 14 Years of Living Art. For up to date information and tickets for the symposium see their website,

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Schedule for the event, over the rest of the weekend (June 18 and 19th), the EcoSex Symposium II:

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Jim Whitehead Guest 6/13/11 for Gamers on Game

The first guest for Gamers on Games was  Associate Professor of Computer Science at UCSC, Jim Whitehead.

Jim is a researcher in the fields of software evolution, software bug prediction, and automated generation of computer game levels.

He is the board chair of the Society for the Advancement of the Science of Digital Games, which hosts the yearly Foundations of Digital Games conference. Jim’s research interests in the area of games include level design and procedural content generation. In the field of software engineering, Jim performs research on software bug prediction, software repository mining, and software evolution. He runs both the Augmented Design Lab and the Software Introspection Laboratory at UCSC.

In June of 2006, Jim helped create a new undegraduate major, the BS in Computer Science: Computer Game Design. This major is very interdisciplinary, including several courses from the Arts Division on campus. It is a rigorous Computer Science degree, providing a solid, strong background in computer science, with additional courses that teach the elements of computer game design. A three course capstone design sequence permits students to work in teams for a year to develop a substantial computer game.

The first Sammys Awards event  that just happened June 10 in the Baskin Engineering Auditorium celebrating the best games designed by the undergraduate students.

We also talked about the Center for Games and Playable Media that was formally established in 2010, building on work done since the founding of the game degree and offering a Masters in Science and PHd programs. The center houses the school’s five games-related research labs including the Expressive Intelligence Studio, the Research Groups Computational Cinematics Lab, the Natural Language and Dialogue Systems Lab,  the Augmented Design Lab and the Software Introspection Laboratory.

These last two groups are directed by Jim Whitehead, focuses on the possibilities inherent in computer-augmented videogame design. The other focuses on the structure of software and how it evolves over time. Current projects include a program that provides runtime verification and repair of event-based systems.

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David Wish – June 7, 2011

In anticipation of this week’s inaugural TEDxSantaCruz event, Artists on Art had as a guest one of the artist-presenter musician and educator, David Wish.

We began our conversation with an explanation of David’s organization, Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that funds and operates one of the largest, free instrumental music programs in U.S. public schools, and provides free instruments and curriculum. David has initiated and managed the launch of campaigns to restore and revitalize music education for more than 160,000 low-income children in more than 25 cities all across the US. He is the founder and executive director.

When I asked how long Little Kids Rock has been in existence, David replied that it depends upon how you count it. Little Kids Rock is ten years old. The idea really began 20 years ago when he first began his teaching career in a small school in California. The school had many challenges including no music program. One day, he began teaching his first grade class how to play the guitar. His methodology, borne out of the belief that music should be taught in the same order as language acquisition, caught on quickly at the school. So much so that David had to get other teachers to help teach. His hands-on experience and innovative methodology is used in Little Kids Rock programs.

Also, David’s methodology is not just for kids. He can also teach adults. At the At the Little Kids Rock YouTube Channel there over two hundred videos that teach you how to play different instruments such as the guitar, drums, and bass.

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