Stephen L. Bigger – Santa Cruz World Choir and Orchestra

Santa Cruz World Choir Orchestra Creator, Composer, Educator, Director, Stephen L. Bigger, came into KZSC for the second time on the last Monday of August 2011. . The first time was in the fall of 2010. At that time, Stephen was just putting together the choir. Now, he has a succussful year under his belt and now, this season, is raring to go.


Stephen is a highly skilled, versatile music professional who has been active full time in music performance and production since 1981 when he formed RockArbor Music. He has written hundreds of pieces ranging from choir anthems and instrumental orchestrations to pop, rock, folk, and gospel songs, and produced professional recordings for many artists and songwriters. His work is distributed all over the world. As a staff producer in Nashville , Bigger produced over 300 songs per year for seven years. Between 2008 and 2010, Bigger was Choral Director and Theater Technical Director at Aptos High School . For more information about Stephen’s past, visit Rock Arbor Music.

The Santa Cruz World Choir Orchestra is a multi-generational, educational, and fun ensemble that inspires and entertains audiences. Under the direction of composer and educator, Stephen L. Bigger, the choir performs a variety of traditional and modern music from around the world. The choir is comprised of high school age and older singers who will receive training to enhance their musical skills.

Audition Deadline is September 14 for the December 11 Concert at the Rio Theatre.

For more information about the Santa Cruz World Choir and Orchestra, email at or call 831-521-3470.

About, the Winter 2011 performance “World of Many Colors “: Music lovers of all styles and genres will enjoy this eclectic new tribe of Santa Cruz musicians, teachers, students, and developing young artists performing ancient to modern music from around the globe. The concert features music from India, Ireland, Mongolia, Republic of Georgia, Scandinavia, as well as compositions by Director, Stephen L. Bigger. The SCWCO continues to introduce the Bay Area community to young, up-and-coming “bright light” artists and provide a great opportunity for creative individuals, parents, and students to make a positive difference in our world

Here’s a video we took right before our radio show. Stephen explains the unique SCWCO audition process :

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Davis Banta & Geoffrey Stanfield – Artist on Art

Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 9.46.48 PM

Davis Banta & Geoffrey Stanfield are two local artists who came onto the show to talk about their upcoming event, A Midsummer Night’s Variety Show happening August 26 from 8:00pm to 11:00pm. Doors open at 7:30 at the Pacific Cultural Center, 1307 Seabright Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA.

For the past four years,The Drama Hour has been producing award-winning radio drama on the air at KZSC. Now, The Drama Hour brings audio theatre to the stage, for an unforgettable evening of enchantment and wonder. In the style of classic radio and tv variety shows, the event will also feature, talented musicians, comedians, and thespians including comedian – Erikka Innes, improv artists You Had To Be There – MC Scott Kravitz, and house band – Fire Hazard will keep the magic rolling between sets! Be sure to come hungry, as local caterers The Barbarian Gourmet, will be providing a gourmet vegetarian meal, light snacks, coffee and tea.

Buy tickets early, as this will be a midsummer night not to be missed! Ticket are available at Brown Paper Tickets.

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Dan Mueller & Bill Gardner of JudoBaby

Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 10.13.41 PM

JUDOBABY INC. is the creative force and developer of AAA quality interactive family entertainment that is easy to learn, fun to play, providing excitement for all ages. At JUDOBABY INC., they focus on quality content delivered across a wide variety
of popular and emerging platforms, including game consoles, social networks, mobile devices, for serious and casual gamers alike. The JUDOBABY INC. team knows what captures the imagination and delivers products with engaging personalities and addicting experiences.

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Tandy Beal

Heart-Flutter Flashmob on Pacific Ave

Local artist, educator, choreographer, stage director, dancer, and creator Tandy Beal came up to KZSC to talk about her art and her next upcoming event, the HereAfterHere.

The, HereAfterHere: a self-guided tour of eternity, is theatrical performance is happening September 9, 10, and 11, 2011 at the new Cabrillo Crocker Theatre in Aptos, California.

This full-length work asks the perennial question — “What happens after we die?” It braids dance, visual narrative, circus, text and music to make a rich mosaic of contemporary and traditional concepts of the afterlife — with a mix of humor, magical visuals and kinetic poetry. Dancers and actors are directed by Tandy Beal with original music by Jon Scoville.

One might ask, “If there is an afterlife, where is it located? Is it exclusionary? Why is it for eternity? How do we get in, and what’s the price of admission?” Or you might think along the lines of Gertrude Stein who said, “There is no answer. There never has been an answer. There never will be an answer. And that’s the answer!” Whatever your thoughts are, this concert is a time when we can explore this mystery together.

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This concert sold out all performances last year so buy early!  You can buy tickets (starting August 9) at or call the Santa Cruz Civic box office 831-420-5260. ($15-35 + box office fees)

Original Dance, Music and Multi Media, co-presented by Cabrillo College Dance Dept
WHERE: Cabrillo Crocker Theatre, Aptos,  CA
WHEN:  Friday and Saturday September 9, 10 at 7:30 pm, Sunday, September 11 at 3 pm

FREE EVENTS in Association with the Concert:
Bookshop Santa Cruz Discussion:

Book discussion of Stephen Levine’s Meeting at the Edge
Tuesday, August 30 at 7:30 pm.  Here is the link.
Present at the Passing:  

A workshop about being a supportive presence at the end of life with Jan Landry, Julie Boudreau, Alexandra Kennedy & Tandy Beal at First Congregational Church Santa Cruz.  Thursday, September 1, at 6:30 pm

Q&A with Ann Pomper (Hospice Director) and Artists.  Crocker Theatre.  Friday, September 9, Post Show   

Pondering the Imponderables: Metaphors in science, religion, and art, a symposium with Nancy Abrams (science writer), Rev. David Grishaw-Jones (First Congregational Church), Rabbi Paula Marcus (Temple Beth El), Bob Stahl (Mindfulness Teacher and Author) Tandy Beal and others, Crocker Theatre, Saturday, Sept 10, Post-show

Q&A with Rev. Deborah L. Johnson of Inner Light Ministries, Crocker Theatre, Saturday, Sept 10, Post-show
Always be Prepared: planning your future financial and healthcare needs, Inner Light Center, Soquel, Monday, Sept 12 at 7 pmArt in the Loop, Community TV with Denise Gallant, Bruce Lee, Tandy Beal and Nada Miljkovic, Televised throughout the monthBenefit for Hospice of Santa Cruz County, Friday Sept 9th Concert and Reception, $50.  Details call 831-430-3082

Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 9.29.48 AM

A few years back, I had the wonderful privilege and honor to interview world-famous eco-artists Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison.

They are scheduled to come back on Artist on Art, September 15, 2011 to talk about their next exhibition and installation at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno.

As usual to their art practice, The Harrisons collaborated with paleoecologists, earth systems scientists, and visualization scientists, art resources in Reno, as well as UCSC DANM MFA graduate students, to produce their large-scale, community-oriented, and sustainability-driven art.

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Can’t get Grand Theft Auto out of my head


The following is a repost from October 2009.

On Wednesday up on UCSC, I heard Professor Soraya Murray read her newest musings in a paper for the  Center for Cultural Studies Colloquium about Grand Theft Auto 4 and how it critiques Capitalism and Globalization.  I find many of the ideas she presented still running around in my head. The title of her manuscript is  Analytic Borderlands: Visualizations of Globality and the Body Becoming, investigating bodies under the duress of globalization and their representation in visual culture.  Moving from Linda Nochlin’s consideration of the body in pieces as a metaphor for early modernity, it examines Homi Bhabha’s “becoming” and Saskia Sassen’s “analytic borderlands” as frameworks for understanding depictions of bodies—particularly women’s bodies—in the matrix of global flux.” The two last sentences come straight from the Center’s synopsis.

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Rocky Romano, Chris Renfer, & Thomas Hill of The Go Big Project

From the Go Big Project, Film Producer-Rocky Romano and recent UCSC graduates from the Film and Digital Media program, Senior Editor-Chris Renfer and, Assistant Editor-Thomas Hill came into the studio about their latest projects particularly their feature length documentary Ruffo.

Ruffo is about local surfer, Anthony Ruffo, who has had some challenges with addiction. Anthony is facing a potential five-year prison term for alleged distribution of methamphetamine. Last year, Ruffo voluntarily checked himself into the Clear Mind Healthy Planet treatment center, in New York.

“I have filmed Anthony through this journey and can honestly say that I have some of the most compelling and amazing footage that I have ever captured. The end of this story is yet to be determined. I hope that this film will serve as one of the most effective anti-drug use documentaries ever made”, says filmmaker Rocky Romano.

The movie screened in rough-cut to a packed udience at the Rio Theatre May 14, 2011 as a part of the Closing Night Awards Ceremony of the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Their intention is to complete the editing in time for late September Sundance Film Festival submission and after the final court date of their main character.

If you want to see some the of content from the Ruffo – The Film, August 16th, at 10:00pm on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel will feature their work.

Almost exactly a year ago, Rocky came onto Arist on Art to talk about his projects and filmmaking particularly Riding a Wave, a great short. How quickly life changes. Little did he know he was going to get bitten by the Ruffo bug.

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Here’s a quick movie we took right before the show:

Noah Wardrip-Fruin

Digital Artist, Author/Writer, and Associate Professor of Computer Science at UCSC, Noah Wardrip-Fruin came onto Gamers on Game on Aug. 8,2011 to talk with Pat and Nada about his work in Digital Arts and Games.

We had a great talk about  AI, and generative stories, generative game rules and generative level game-play, and even a little Zen Buddhism and Quakerism.

Noah co-directs the Expressive Intelligence Studio in the Computer Science department. He also directs the Playable Media group in UCSC’s DANM program. His research areas include new models of storytelling in games, how games express ideas through play, and how games can help broaden understanding of the power of computation.

Noah has authored or co-edited five books on games and digital media for the MIT Press, including The New Media Reader (2003), a book influential in the development of interdisciplinary digital media curricula. His most recent book, Expressive Processing: Digital Fictions, Computer Games, and Software Studies was published by MIT in 2009.

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Here’s a little video we took right after the show:

HAH – Flashmob with Tandy Beal

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 1.22.59 PM

On August 5, 2011, Tandy Beal and Friends performed a Flashmob on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz by walking as ‘spirits’ slowly and ethereally. They did not speak. They made slow gestures and glances at passers-byers.  When they converged, they flutter-hearted and dispersed. It was like a dream and the essence of dance when a magic occurs and then gone.  It’s reminds me of life and the theatrical one of Tandy’s projects that I’ve been honored to be a collaborator since 2007, the HereAfterHere.

Tandy will be interviewed on Artist on Art, August 15, 2011 at noon.


Robert “Dave” Thomas

Dave Thomas came into the KZSC station August 1, 2011 and spoke on Gamers on Game on the upcoming  2011 Professional World Disc Golf Championships happening in Santa Cruz California.

Kick off is August 6th with a Mixed Double at Pinto Lake.

This is the second time that the World Championship is happening in the US. The total purse exceeds $100, 000 of monetary prizes and the largest purse and the World’s History.

There are four tournament courses, DeLaveaga, Pinto Lake, Ryan Ranch and CSUMB. There  will be events at the Santa Cruz wharf and Main Beach.  For more information, you can download the schedule from their website or at the bottom of this post.

PDGA Pro Worlds kicked off its first official event on Saturday morning, August 6, 2011 with the Mixed Doubles competition. The first round gets started with a player’s meeting at 8AM at Pinto Lake. The afternoon round of 18 at De Laveaga (the modern version of the original 18).

As a part of the festivities, Chains, the first feature length disc golf documentary will be having a special screening at the Rio Theatre, in Santa Cruz, CA in August 9, 2011. This screening is held in conjunction with the 2011 Professional World Disc Golf Championships in the beautiful Monterey Bay Area.  Come and get a seat for this historic event!

To hear our show, please click on the play button below.
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Here’s a quick look at the schedule of events:


  • Distance Competition – 10:00a.m. — 4:00p.m. at Anna Jean Cummings Park – First come first served, it will take approximately 5 minutes per competitor. Must finish by 4:00p.m. sharp! Top 15 in each event, advances to Thursday finale at Main Beach
  • Putting Competition – 10:00a.m. — 4:00p.m. at Anna Jean Cummings Park – First come first served, allow 5 minutes per competitor. Must finish by 4:00p.m. sharp! Top 15 in each event, advances to Thursday finale at Main Beach
  • Mini Golf at Anna Jean Cummings Park – 10:00a.m. — 4:00p.m.
  • EDGE Competition at Anna Jean Cummings Park
  • Opening Ceremonies and Players meeting – Mandatory for players, open to the public – 6:30 p.m., Santa Cruz High School.


  • Competition Begins  – Tee times begin at 8:30 a.m. at De Laveaga and Pinto Lake; Shotgun starts at 10am at Ryan Ranch and CSUMB
  • Special Screening of “Chains the Movie” presented by Vibram Disc Golf at Rio Theater, Santa Cruz 8pm – tickets go on sale at the door at 6:30pm


  • Competition Continues – Tee times begin at 8:30 a.m. at De Laveaga and Pinto Lake; Shotgun starts at 10am at Ryan Ranch and CSUMB


  • Competition Continues – Tee times begin at 8:30 a.m. at De Laveaga and Pinto Lake; Shotgun starts at 9:30am at Ryan Ranch and CSUMB
  • Distance Competition off the Santa Cruz Wharf onto Main Beach at 4:00 p.m.
  • Fly Mart at Main Beach, 4:00 p.m.


  • Competition Continues – Tee times begin at 8:30 a.m. at De Laveaga and Pinto Lake; Shotgun starts at 10am at Ryan Ranch and CSUMB


  • Semi-Finals – Shotgun start. Age protected divisions tee off at 8:00AM at DeLaveaga. Open divisions tee off at 9:00AM at Pinto Lake. Both semi-finals will consist of 18 holes.
  • Finals – Pinto Lake, tee times starting at 2:00PM. The Finals round will consist of 9 holes.
  • Awards Ceremony – Pinto Lake
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