Chelsea Larson-Andrews of design3

Chief Marketing Officer for design3, Chelsea Larson-Andrews came on to Gamers on Game for the November 28, 2011 live radio broadcast. We’re lucky to have her come into the studios. Even though design3 is a local Company, Chelsea lives in Southern California.

This was the guest appearance from design3 on Gamers on Game.  Production Lead and local Santa Cruzian Ben Mears, Production Lead for design3 was on the show at the end of August.

design3 is a local Santa Cruz Company that has been in existence for 6 years, first as Noesis Interactive, whose mission is to help people learn game design. They have over 2000 tutorial video. Some are free on the design3 channel. Others are accessed on a subscription basis to the entire library. These education video plans teach all aspects of Game Design from, Unity, Source, UDK, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, Photoshop, and more with new tutorials added weekly.

design 3 takes a person from beginning to end with instruction for every aspect of video game design from concept to marketing the finished product.

From Dec 1st – 31st design3 will be offering 50% Off all memberships. That means only $10 for 1 month, $50 for 6 Months and $90 for 12 Months. Also, they are giving away over $2,500 in prizes to our Facebook Fans throughout the month of Dev-ember (December). All you have to do is “Like” the design3 facebook page, and you are entered into a random drawings.

Here’s the video of our radio show:

Stanford’s Environmental Humanities Project hosts Newton Harrison

Newton Harrison spoke on November 10, 2011 at Stanford University’s Margaret Jacks Hall, Terrace Room, about his 40 years of Eco-Art. The talk was entitled, Force Majeure: Works from Tibet and the Peninsula of Europe to the Sierra Nevada.

Chip & Abra Allan

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 4.31.22 PM

Long-time Santa Cruzians, Chip and Abra Allan came into the KZSC station, November 21, 2011, to talk with Nada Miljkovic about their art of community building and organizing the Santa Cruz Arts community. In particular, we talked about First Friday Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Dance, Motion at the Mill.  Chip serves as the Executive Director of the Downtown Association of Santa Cruz and Abra is Owner and Director of Motion Pacific Dance Studio as well as the Founding-Director of Santa Cruz Dance.

Abra Allan and Chip are co-directors of First Friday Santa Cruz, a monthly self guided art-tour. The First Friday has been evolving for nearly a decade. In 2003, Chip and Kirby cofounded the of the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Arts in 2004. From their multi-location Question Galleries and Question Art Tour, Chip quickly realized that the Artists were in great need of places to show their work.

On the First Friday of each mont,h dozens of galleries, boutiques, coffee houses, restaurants, Banks and more open their doors to thousands of art lovers for a community celebration of the arts. The First Friday Art Tour happens every month, rain or shine throughout Santa Cruz. Founded by the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Arts, and managed in conjunction with the participating Art venues, First Friday is a free event for enthusiastic Art Goers and an opportunity for our many talented Artists to exhibit and promote their work. Come out next Friday, December 2, 2011,

Dance has been a part of Abra Allan’s life since about the time she learned to walk. She comes from a family of musicians with a deep love of music and performance. In 2008, Abra founded Santa Cruz Dance which presents National Dance Week Santa Cruz, a community-wide celebration that has grown to be one of Santa Cruz’ most looked forward to events. The following year, Abra added the Santa Cruz Ethnic Dance Festival to the annual calendar and began presenting Dance performances featuring local Dance companies as well as artists from the Bay Area.

Abra is also the owner-director of Motion Pacific Dance Studio. Abra and Chip were instrumental in creating the recently renovated Motion at the Mill Performance venue. The Motion at the Mill Season for fall ends with the upcoming Show, Stockings…a Holiday Cabaret happening December 9th and 10th.

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Here is a movie of our show:

Jane Pinckard on Gamers on Game

Screen shot 2011-11-22 at 3.59.18 PM

On November 21, 2011, Associate Director of the Center for Games and Playable Media, Jane Pinckard, came into the KZSC studio to talk about her work and past and current work as well the upcoming IFOG talk by Richard Lemarchand.

Jane has a very interesting background studying History at UC Berkeley, playing a in a rock band, Dealership, and writing for her long-running and internationally known blog Game+Girl=Advance, which explores games and art in a broader cultural context.  She comes to Santa Cruz from Foundation 9 Entertainment, where she worked in business development.  She has written as a games journalist for many different publications. An expert in gaming, she has lectured at universities and conferences. She is the current Vice Chair of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

Jane and I talked about her position, that she took in March 2011, as associate director of the Center for Games and Playable Media and upcoming events including the IFOG (Inventing the Future of Games) Speaker Series.

This Wednesday, November 23, 2011, Lead Game Designer of Naughty Dog, Inc., Richard Lemarchand will give a presentation entitled, Beauty and Risk: Emotion, Indie Games and Uncharted.  It takes place at 11:00am to 12:00pm at Engineering 2, Room 180 (The Simularium). In the talk, Richard will share some of the experiences he’s had at Naughty Dog  as Lead Designer on the Uncharted series, and how profoundly the ideas about game design that he uses every day have been affected by indie games.

Post note: Richard Lemarchand has a great lecture. Stay tuned.  I’ll be posting his talk in the next few days.

Here’s the video of his lecture:

Here’s a video of our show:

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Avron Barr on Gamers on Game

 For the November 14, 2011, Gamers on Game show, featured Artificial Intelligence, E-learning and Serious Games expert, Avron Barr.

Avron  is a longtime researcher and implementer of advanced virtual learning systems, an independent consultant for software businesses, writer, director, and DARPA advisor. We discussed the nature and breadth of what’s going in the emerging area of “Serious Games.”

Game technology has been applied to serious activities since teachers discovered they could dramatically impact student involvement in the classroom by replacing flash cards with a Jeopardy-like game. Especially if there was some reward for the winner. Modern game technology, consisting of an expanded collection of tools and methods, is being applied quite seriously to education, corporate and military training, clinical psychology, marketing, rehabilitation therapy, and even social
and political discourse.

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Stanford’s Environmental Humanities Project hosts Newton Harrison

Stanford’s Environmental Humanities Project hosts Newton Harrison from nada miljkovic on Vimeo.

Here is a talk given by Newton Harrison of the Harrison Studio for Stanford University‘s Environmental Humanities Project. Newton spoke on November 10, 2011 at Stanford University’s Margaret Jacks Hall, Terrace Room, about his 40 years of Eco-Art. The talk was entitled, Force Majeure: Works from Tibet and the Peninsula of Europe to the Sierra Nevada. He begins the talk with their 1984 piece, Green Heart of Holland.

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Shelby Graham

Screen shot 2011-11-14 at 4.17.10 PM

Local artist, photographer, curator and the Director of the Mary Porter Sesnon, Shelby Graham came into KZSC to talk about her work and current installation Xiaoze Xie: Resistant Archeology.

This solo artist show features, Xiaoze Xie, who was born in China in 1966 at the start of the Cultural Revolution and is currently the Paul L. and Phyllis Wattis Professor in Art at Stanford University.

The exhibition has stunning new larger-than-life paintings, prints and provocative video installations, showcasing Xiaoze Xie’s use of books and newspapers to symbolize the fragile nature of compressed history and memory. His works are in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, several distinguished private collections and are currently featured in a traveling exhibition from Bucknell University “Xiaoze Xie: Amplified Moments (1993–2008).”

Shelby and I talked about how one goes about curating and in this case choosing the works while visiting the artist in his studio. Coincidentally, his studio happens to be the same size as the Sesnon. This made it a little easier for Shelby to visualize the pieces, some of them are vey big, in the relatively small space of the gallery. We also talked about Professor Xie’s videos and his requisite for the building of the wall of books on which one of the video would be projected. The wall they built took over 1000 books donated by Logos and Goodwill Industries. Later in January, the Sesnon will have an event for the public to make and repurpose new things out of the old books. In December, the video will be shown in a storefront in downtown Santa Cruz after the show is over.

The opening reception and art talk was captured and published on the Sesnon Flicker.

If you are in the Monterey Bay area, don’t miss this show that ends November 23, 2011.
Gallery hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 12–5pm
Wednesday 12-8pm
For more information, call 831-459-3606.

Joyce Brodsky, Professor Emeritas-Arts Division, is writing a book on Transnational Artists including Prof. Xie. It was a natural to come together for Shelby and Joyce to co-create this show. On Saturday, November 12, Joyce & Shelby spoke about co-curating the show, and the work and artist, Xaoze Xie.

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Here are pictures of the paintings:

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Bill Raney

Screen shot 2011-11-12 at 10.34.33 AM

For the October 24, 2011, Artist on Art show, I had the great pleasure to speak with long-time local author, musician, and Nickelodeon Theater Founder, Bill Raney about his art and newly released paperback edition of his memoir, Letters to Zerky: A Father’s Legacy to a Lost Son.. . and a Road Trip Around the World.  

Letters to Zerky is a touching story that is as captivating as it is heart-felt. During our interview, we talked about how Bill was moved to write the story both as an homage to his son as well as the rediscovered letters written during a  journey around the world nearly 50 years ago.

The book begins with Bill’s beatnik years in San Francisco, describes coming to Santa Cruz to start the Nickelodeon in 1968, and an amazing trip hrough Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Hong Kong, and a few countries that no longer exist with his first wife and son.

Zerky & Friends at Kaziranga, Assam

The book appeals to a wide audience, including those interested in travel, Middle Eastern history and simply a well-written story of adventure. It is a lovely tribute to a little boy who crossed cultural divides to bring people together. ‘Zerky was the common denominator that brought us together with the peoples and cultures of the world during this thirteen-month-long adventure between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans,’ Bill writes. The beautiful young boy was their passport to the world.

Photo taken by Dan Coryo for the SC Sentinel

Santa Cruz is a better place because of Bill Raney for many reasons. Recently, he created a memorial, Zerky’s Park at the entrance of   Santa Cruz High School’s Memorial Field where a newly planted coastal redwood stands sentry next to two park benches. It has been  over 40 years since the tragic accident that took the young Erik Xerxes Raney.  When asked why Bill chose the place of accident to memorialize Zerky’s life, he replied, “when there’s an accident, there’s a natural human tendency to want to memorialize the last place on Earth where the person was. I don’t want his memory to die. A memorial is the closest you can get to immortality in the minds of living people.”

At the end of the interview, you can hear Bill singing along to the Zerky’s Waltz. You can also hear Bill’s guitar music.

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Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 9.15.35 PM

World famous Eco-Artists and UC Professors,  Helen and Newton Harrison are the guests for KZSC radio show, Artist on Art on the November 7, 2011 to talk with the show host, Nada Miljkovic.

Harrisons talked about their long and illustrious Art career by giving a brief history of projects from the late 60s into the now. We talked about a current exhibition and installation at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno entitled “Sierra Nevada”. As usual to their art practice, for this project, the Harrisons collaborated with paleoecologists, earth systems scientists, and visualization scientists, art resources in Reno, as well as UCSC DANM MFA graduate students, to produce their large-scale, community-oriented, and sustainability-driven art.

Future Garden Part 1: The Endangered Meadows of Europe, 1996-1998, Bonn, Germany

We also talked about their new research center at UCSC in the DANM department, the Center for Force Majeure Studies. The Center enables artists and scientists to develop new collaborative insights, disciplines and methods to create, design and execute projects that elaborate the research and work of Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison.

The mission of the Center for Force Majeure Studies (“the Center”) is to generate long-term research projects that address the emerging stresses of the Earth’s largest ecosystems by co-joining the processes of art-making and the Sciences within the uniquely and specifically-framed perspective of work by Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, understood as the Harrison Studio.

For more information on their work, the Green Museum the online museum for presenting an discussing environmental art. This was the second time Helen and Newton have been on this show. Their archive was recently moved to Stanford University and is currently being show in the Art and Architecture Library entitled, Four Decades: Selections from the Helen and Newton Harrison Papers.

In 2010 the Stanford University Libraries purchased the archives of Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison. Within the 170 linear feet of boxes lie the records of four decades of production, from the earliest works of the 1970s to the works-in-progress of the past few years. Materials include documentary photographs and slides, audio tapes, correspondence, notebooks, blueprints, financial records, grant proposals, newspaper clippings, exhibition catalogs, and computer equipment.

The items on display in the four exhibition cases represent a small fraction of the archive. Drawn from the records pertaining to four separate projects, they provide a glimpse of the Harrisons’ working processes and the environment in which each project was conceived and created.

The Lagoon Cycle: 1974-84
Atempause: Breathing Space for the Sava River: 1989-90
California Wash: 1996
Peninsula Europe: 2000-08

Here’s the video of our show:

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Robert P. Burkhart

Screen shot 2011-11-05 at 5.37.46 PM

Local cellist, Robert P. Burkhart came into the UCSC KZSC Radio show, Artist on Art, to talk about his musical art and upcoming tour with the North Sky Cello Ensemble. They are playing in the Bay Area:

  • November 6th, Aubergine w/ Foxtails Brigade at 755 Petaluma Avenue Sebastopol, CA.
  • November 7th, 2011 Revolution Cafe 3248 22nd Street, San Francisco CA.
  • November 8th, 2011 at the Brick and Mortar 1710 Mission Street San Francisco, CA. This concert features drummer Brian Chase (YEAH YEAH YEAHS)
  • November 9th,  Subterranean Art House w/ Squid Ink, 2179 Bancroft Way, Berkley, CA


We talked about Robert growing up in Minnesota and starting to play the piano at the tender age of 4 years. When he was 10 and at the urging of his father, who wasn’t seeing any talent coming up for the cello, Robert began playing the cello and slowly realized its expressive qualities. He studied both instruments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He went to graduate school at The Mannes College of Music in Manhattan.

We talked about what brought Robert to call Santa Cruz home.

Robert is involved with several other ensembles back in New York City, Manhatten. We talked about the inception and collaborators in each ensemble.The Hudson Trio and the American Modern Ensemble.

Robert has taught at Syracuse University, Music Conservatory of Westchester, and been artist-in-residence at Yale University and the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. His new CD “20/21: Music for Cello and Piano from the 20th and 21st Centuries,” features pianist Blair McMillen and the premiere of a work for cello and piano by composer Andrew Waggoner. Robert’s recording of solo Bach on the American Express commercial “Don’t Take Chances. Take Charge.” has garnered national attention.

Here’s a little video we took after our interview at KZSC on the UCSC campus.

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