Santa Cruz Derby Girls – Dewey Decibel and Ginger Brute

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On January 30, 2012, Derby Girls, Dewey Decibel and Ginger Brute, came into the KZSC studio to talk with Nada Mljkovic on Gamers on Game. Dewey plays for the Seabright Sirens and is a backup for the Harbor Hellcats. Ginger is a Seabrite Siren when not studying at UCSC.

Started in 2007 as the first all-female, full contact, flat track roller derby league in Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Derby Girls and a non-profit committed to furthering the sport of roller derby and giving back to the community. Since its inception, the league has grown to over 100 members.

The league has 3 teams, the Boardwalk Bombshells, the Harbor Hellcats, and the Seabright Sirens. In addition, SCDG reaches out to our local youth through the Santa Cruz Derby Groms, SCDG’s junior derby program and our junior ref program.

February 18th 6:30 pm Season Home Opener at the Civic. This first bout of this season will be a mix of girls from all three teams playing against each other, black vs white. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see your favorite derby girls go head to head!

On March 17th, at 6:30 pm Bombshells will take on the Bay Area Derby Girls Richmond Wrecking Belles. All games are at the Santa Cruz Civic located at 307 Church Street, Santa Cruz. Tickets are available at

Help support our Derby Girls by becoming a fan on Facebook and subscribing to their e-newsletter to keep with the latest happenings.

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Here’s the video of our interview:

Team Krinoid

Recent UCSC graduates, Max Weinberg, Peter Hunter and John Peters came into KZSC to talk about their company Team Krinoid and their games.

The Team Krinoid talked about the evolution of their Santa Cruz Game Company and their new game entitled Bunny Run where the player takes the perspective of a bunny running from trouble. We talked about how the team came up with the idea of the game.

Team Krinoid was founded by the three after their success with the iPad game, Syz: EG that won the Game of the Year and Grand Prize at the first ever Games and Playable Media’s SAMMY’s event in June 2011.

Syz E.G. is a galactic adventure game that brings innovation to the space shooter genre with multi-touch controls, various weapons and abilities, a unique story, and a mixture of tactical top-down gameplay and fast-paced side-view action. The game is available in the Apple App Store and looks like a lot of fun. The game was developed with a large team of ten people.

Bunny Run is developing faster due than Syz E. G. because of experience and the Team’s division of responsibilities between the three partners. Max does the artwork. Peter writes the story and music. John does the programming.

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Spencer Lindsay and Paul Reynolds on Gamers on Game

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On January 16, 2012, Game developers and collaborators, Spencer Lindsay of Lindsay Digital – 3D and Paul Reynolds of Blast Off Games Software came into the KZSC radio station to talk about their current work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, their working process for creating interactive 3d animation.

Spencer and Paul are two technologists and entrepreneurs that have worked together for many years. They met in the early 90s in San Diego as neighbors. At the time, they were both working in game industry (Spence at RockStar and Paul at EA), a time dominated by the “console” platform. Now, they are working in the augmented reality, interactive mobile market that is far more conducive for independent developers.

Over the years and projects together, they have worked out a system for their collaboration. Spencer makes the art (3D modeling in the Maya) and puts it into the game engine/interface application (Unity) and Paul does the software for the digital interactivity, touchy feely stuff.

We talked about various new technologies such for game engines, touch displays, creating smart phone and table apps, and playing around with augmented reality. We discussed the Paul’s two businesses, Dog Treat Bakery, and MYR.SC, a Digital Magazine for Myrtle Beach based around hyper-local citizen journalism.

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Santa Cruz Performing Arts

Here is a video we took during the show:

On January 23, 2012, the first shows for Artist on Art and Gamers on Game at their new time slot, 3-4pm Mondays, featured artistic director of the Santa Cruz Performing Arts: Ben Jammin Hulck.

SCPA is a nonprofit with the whose mission is to provide classes, programs, and events where individuals can develop skills in music, dance, and theater, thereby fostering self-esteem and an appreciation of the arts. SCPA offers a wide range of programs from dance classes with Cathy Faihy, Be in your own Rock & Roll band, to the Young Actors Studio. For more information, please visit their website, Santa Cruz Performing and/or call Ben at 831-334-2121.

On the Artist on Art show, Ben brought two of his singers, Thor Layne, of Aptos Junior High School, and Chaska Farber, New Brighton, for an on-air live performance of “16 Going on 17″ from the Sound of Music.

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Noga Vilozny

Photo taken Kyer Wiltshire

The very talented artist of many forms, Noga Vilzony, came into KZSC to speak with Nada on Artist on Art, January 16, 2012.We had a wonderful conversation about the many talents of Noga from her singing, songwriting, life coaching, dancing, acting education and creating Noga Loves Me and the bi-monthly Noga’s Love Bites.

Noga is also well known about town as Noga Love Bites. She has been sending emails to people signed up through her website, NogaLovesMe. People are very happy to receive these surprises that can be affirmations, pictures, movies, all kinds of media with content that help make the day a little better.

Here is our video taken during the interview:

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During the show, we played two songs sung by Noga. The first was written by her. The second is a traditional Ladino song. You can hear them below:
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[haiku url=”” title=”Tu Madre Quando Te Pario” graphical=”true”]

Mark Franko

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On January 9th, with great pleasure and for the second time, UCSC Professor of Dance in the Theatre Art and Director of the Center for Visual and Performance Studies Mark Franko came onto Artist on Art to talk about the current speaker series, Temporalities of Reenactment happening the entire 2011 to 2012 school year.

Prof. Franko is the Editor for the Dance Research Journal and the Oxford Studies in Dance Theory and a Critic for Opedgy Arts and Performance. He is a theorist, critic and practitioner.

We had an interesting conversation concerning re-constructions, re-enactments and authenticity.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming VPS talks and performances. All the events are free and open to the public. All the talks are held on Thursdays in the Cowell Conference Room at 5:30.

January 19th Memory and Mass Performance with Kimberly Jannarone, Theater Arts, Digital Arts and New Media, History of Consciousness, UCSC

February 2nd Reenacting the Dances of Mary Wigman with Fabian Barbam, an Independent artist from Belgium.

There will also be with A Lecture Demonstration (Studio A-105, Theater Arts Center) on Friday, February 3rd at 2pm. This is a not to be missed event.

February 9th (Un)Covering Artistic Thought Unfolding with Maaike Bleeker from the Theatre Studies of Utrecht University

February 23rd Not as Before, but Again: Reenactments and “Transcreation’ with Andre Lepecki, from the Performance Studies or New York University.

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Spencer Linsday on Gamers on Game

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Local Digital Artist & Game Developer, Spencer Lindsay, of Lindsay Digital – 3D, came onto Gamers on Game on January 9, 2012 to talk about the gaming industry.

We had a great talk starting with Spencer’s new discovery, the search engine, Duck Duck Go that breaks through the filter bubble, created by Google and others that are saving your preferences and giving you the search results it thinks you want. Duck Duck Go uses information from crowd-sourced sites and an emphasis of privacy and not recording user information. It took under a minute to add it to chrome and have it up and running.

We talked about Spencer’s experience working for large game companies such as Atari, Midway, Angel Studios, and Rockstar. We also talked about his current his interactive educational projects with the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Spencer has a video on his Vimeo Channel showing the plankton from all angles. On his channel, you can his great demo reel.

Spencer will be on again next week to talk about future technologies. This show will be different. We’re inviting people to call in and ask questions.

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Here’s a little video we took right after the show:

Mike Treanor

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On January 2, 2012, PhD student at UCSC’s Games and Playable Media Center, Mike Treanor, came into KZSC to talk on Gamers on Game for the first show of 2012.

Mike is a game developer and theorist researching in the Expressive Intelligence Studio which is dedicated to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence, art and design. Their goal is to create compelling new forms of interactive art and entertainment that provide deeply autonomous, generative and dynamic responses to interaction. A major thrust of this work is advanced AI for videogames

We started off the interview talking about his graduating project as a Digital Arts and New Media, Reflect. In 2008 and right after graduating wtih his MFA, Mike began studying in the Computer Science department. We talked extensively on his curent work with:

Prom Week


Videogame interpretation (the “proceduralist” perspective).

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Here’s a little video we took right after the show:

Dave Thomas

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On January 2, 2012, local songwriter, musician and artist, Dave Thomas was the first guest o Artist on Art.

This was the second time that I interviewed Dave. The first time was back in August 1st on Gamers on Game when the World Disc Golf Championships were held in Santa Cruz.

This interview featured some great live singing and guitar playing by Dave. We also played a couple songs off an album, Temporary Tattoos,  that Dave did collaboratively and cross-country with a fellow musician in Chicago. They named their band the Wendels and their CD is available on CD Baby.

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Here’s a little video taken during our interview:

Happy New Year 2012

Sun Salutations

Naked lowing white skin stretching

TThe first day

Focused on the heat of the now

I bleed with intention.


My New Year’s 2012 Resolutions:
Dance and Sing More
Learn to play the Ukelele
Take my fish oil every morning
Make Art that helps the World
Make Great Movies
No Fighting and More Loving

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