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On February 13, 2012, UCSC PhD graduating candidate, Josh McCoy came onto Gamers on Game to talk about his work particularly the new indy game Prom Week.

Josh McCoy is finishing his dissertation this year and is the person who created the AI system that inspired Prom Week. He’s been a team lead of Prom Week from the beginning.

The team includes two past Gamers on Game and Artist on Art guests, Mike Treanor, and Aaron Xander Reed. The fourth team member, Ben Samuel will be on Gamers on Game February 20, 2012.

Ben Samuel is also an actor. He stars in the first HULU’s first original series – Battleground which premiered on Valentine’s Day, just like Prom Week.

The Prom Week team are finalists for the Independent Games Festival and hope that the campus and community will come out to vote for the team for the “Audience Choice” award. Play Prom Week on Facebook. It’s fun. I had the pleasure of playing it last year, when the game was less evolved, at the Future of Games Symposium. It was fun half-baked. Now it’s great. Can teach a greek a few things about high school.

If you would like to get up close and personal with the Prom Week team, they will be presenting at the E-Games Gathering at 7pm at NextSpace, February 16, 2012.

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Denise Vivar

On February 13, 2012, local sculptor, writer, producer, speaker and feng shui artist, Denise Vivar came into the KZSC radio studio to talk about her life’s work and upcoming workshops.

Denise is an artist who applies her creative talents to her public relations practice. For 20 years she has collaborated with Santa Cruz county business owners to bring their genius to bear through her service. She credits her succes to a unique combination of laser-focused business strategy with the ancient energetic art of feng shui. The fusion of which she finds dynamic and deeply rewarding, fostering a conscious evolution of excellence in all aspects of her clients’ craft.

Denise’s current venture is an innovative workshop designed to help single women break through the blocks to meeting and attracting a partner using the power of feng shui. The workshop is called ‘The Power of Radiance Feng Shui’ – a fun and inspiring workshop designed to get your mojo on and help you manifest your dreams.

She will be leading workshops starting February 13 and throughout the spring. Registration is open and everyone 18 years and older is welcome.

In between consultations and speaking, Denise’s other projects include building a cello and being a lifestyle pioneer for life as art.

Connect with Denise through Google+, LinkedIn, or
For more information, here’s the Power of Radiance Facebook page here.

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Misha Bonaventura & Angela Blessing

On February 6, 2012, co-producers of the event, WHAT IS EROTIC? “In the Boudoir.”  Santa Cruz’s Hottest Valentines Date is the Seventh Annual Performance Fundraiser at The 418 Project The dates for the events are February 10 – 12 & 17 – 19, 2012.

Tickets now on sale at Brown Paper Tickets or take your chance at the door. Reservations are a good idea: 831.466.9770.

Both these local artists have been involved with “What is Erotic” from the beginning. Songstress, jewelry maker, chef and artist Angela Blessing is performing for the first time in this theatrical event. She has been helping on the side particularly with production and maintaining an erotic vibration. Along with performing in this “What is Erotic” Angela is directing two other peices. There are 18 total vingeettes.

For Misha, this is her first time not performing in this yearly event. This year, she is co-producing and co-directing. Misha is a passion and inspiration coach with Passion Playground.

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Mike Muldoon of Infrno

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February 6, 2012, local code monkey, dice jockey, zombie slayer,and CEO, Mike Muldoon came into UCSC’s KZSC for an interview on Gamers on Game with host, Nada Miljkovic.

Mike and Nada talked about how and why he started his company, the online community for role playing enthusiasts, providing a virtual game table with video conference and shared whiteboard. This platform has all the tools you need to find players of your caliber, connect with them, and get your game on from any place, at any time.

Infrno was born out of a need. After his role-playing crew disintegrated by everyone moving away, Mike vowed he wasn’t going to let physical space get in his way of having fun. He programmed a way to keep playing with his buddies which resulted in the creation of Infrno, a space and way for people to play virtually with people all over the world.

We talked about the product launch demo event beginning Friday, February 11th, with Wild Kingdom launching their profile on Infrno. The game is Outbreak:Wild Kingdom, the first expansion for Outbreak:Undead. Games will be running for the next few weeks on Infrno.

In the last six months, Mike’s been adding more services to the Infrno platform. Now, you can author your own board adventure role playing game, post it to Infrno and play with your friends. Mike says it’s super easy, no programming experience necessary. Infrno is free with some paid perks from subscriptions.

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