Rhan Wilson & Patti Maxine

On November 28, 2012,  Gail Rich Award recipient, Rhan Wilson, and steel guitarist and singer, Patti Maxine, came into the KZSC radio station to talk about the upcoming event, Altared Christmas, happening December 8th, at 8pm at the Rio Theatre.

Featuring nearly 2 dozen local performers, this show takes your typical holiday songs, puts them in minor keys, and lets them tell a very different story than you are used to.

Be aware that if you want to see this amazing show, buy your tickets quick. It usually sells out and will be the last one before taking a break to work on a new Altared Christmas presentation. Tickets are available at: Altared Christmas, Streetlight Records (downtown Santa Cruz), and Tomboy (next door to the Rio Theatre).

We also talked about another project imagined by Patti and Rhan, The Patti Maxine Living Wig Foundation.  With a contribution, you too can see yourself with Patti’s hair. All Donations go to the WomenCARE, a local organization that provide services to women with all types of cancer.

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Umi Hoshijima

In a beautiful spur of the moment situation, UCSC Student and accordionist, Umi Hoshijima came into the studio to play a few songs on Thanksgiving night.

Umi was playing the accordion around Crown College in the dark. You could hear him playing, loudly, but not see him.

Here’s a little video of Umi playing on Artist on Art.

An interesting fact is that the performance was captured with my iPhone 4s and uploaded to YouTube. After which, I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor.

That’s right, YouTube now has an Editor and it is easy peesy. But, be aware that advertisements may be displayed on videos that use content available through the YouTube Video Editor.

Linda Kimball Grace

Screen shot 2012-11-24 at 2.58.34 PM

Local artist, painter and poet, Linda Kimball Grace was the special Thanksgiving 2012 guest on Artist on Art. Her exhibition, From the Cosmos to the Subconscious, currently up at the Stevenson Coffee House ending November 30, 2012. Linda is an alumna of Stevenson College and a former Barista at Stevenson Coffee House.

Linda’s paintings are large format acrylic on black felt roofing paper. Typically, her paintings shape shift, from abstract to revealed form. Her paintings reflect a willingness to dive into the spiritual, cosmological, and subconscious realms.

“It is a liberating process, full of surprises and trust … it teaches me how to live the rest of my life … empowered from my body and heart, not just my head.”

Linda attributes her transformational painting process to her teacher, Patricia Majio, the artist founder/director of Studio Anavami, on Westside Santa Cruz. This new collection of paintings stem mostly from a year long study of the 10 Cosmological Powers, working with Majio, Pamela Wiley and cosmologist Pamela Eakin, author of The Lightening Papers: the Ten Powers of Evolution.

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Ted Holladay

On November 15, 2012, Founder and Chief Creative Director of Studio Holladay, Santa Cruzian, Ted Holladay came onto Artist on Art to talk about his work that spans over two decades.

Ted designs user interfaces for mobile products, websites, interactive media, and multi-channel touchpoints. He successfully develops these projects with creative teams by leading with a cross-disciplinary strategy toward a shared vision.

At the last TechRaising, Studio Holladay – Creative Collective  created an instant magazine chronicling the 3rd Annual Techraising weekend and looking at techies that have built things and been successful in Santa Cruz. You can buy Instant Magazine in digital form through MagCloud and in print at Bookshop Santa Cruz and the Cameron Marks Boutique on the Westside by Kelly’s French Baker.

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This is the signature from Ted’s emails that sums up his artistic philosophy really well:


Nico Secunda

On November 15, 2012, UCSC alum and locally raised, photographer, documentarian and entrepreneur, Nico Secunda came into the KZSC station to talk about the upcoming launch party for the international non-profit, Huichol Foundation.

This public debut is happening at the Santa Cruz Museum of History and Art, November 18, 2012 at 6:30pm.

Along with his father, Brant Secunda, Nico co-founded the Huichol Foundation to expand their long-standing support of the Huichol. Through this organization, they hope to foster global awareness and support for the cultural preservation and economic survival of the Huichol people and culture.

Nico is also the Vice President of SHAMAN Organic Chocolates, a project of the Dance of the Deer Foundation, which uses it profits to support the Huichol Indians of Mexico. As the managing director of Fit Soul Fit Body, Nico has helped shape the company and expand awareness for the brand globally.

Nico Secunda is a native of Santa Cruz, and though he was born and raised here, he has spent much of his life traveling extensively throughout North America, Europe and Japan, accompanying his father to various seminars, retreats, and conferences teaching about the indigenous Huichol People of Mexico. Nico has had a life-long connection with this ancient tribe through his father’s life’s work with the Huichol. Both Nico and Brant are treated as members of the Huichol tribe.

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Eli Weinberg

Dancer, Educator, and Theatrical Artist, Eli Weinberg, spoke on Artist on Art about his first full-length theatrical experience, This Land is My Land, running November 16-18, 2012 at Motion at the Mill. The piece is an investigation of different perspectives of those that inhabit Santa Cruz through time utilizing dance, theater, film, live music and stage design.

The cast of characters include: Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson, New England Framer, Italian Fishermen, Chinese merchants, Spanish Missionaries, Ohlone Indians and Elephant Seals.

The show runs Friday, Saturday & Sunday, November 16, 17 & 18 at Motion at the Mill, 131 Front Street, Santa Cruz, CA. All performances are at 8pm.

This Land is My Land is supported by a generous grant from the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz Dance.

Robin Aronson

Local director and educator, Robin Aronson, was the guest Artist on Art for the November 9, 2012 show to talk about the Cabrillo College Theater Arts production of Black Snow.

This large ensemble play was adapted in 1993 by Keith Reddin from the book, afictionalized memoir and satirical comedy, by Mikhail Bulgakov entitled, Black Snow: A Theatrical Novel (1967). Bulgakov was a Soviet writer and playwright working in both Soviet Bolshevik and Stalinist eras. Tragically, Bulgakov  was incredibly censored, banned, and panned by the critics. He was stymied in every way from producing of his plays. The only time he did have a play produced it only had seven performances and was in rehearsal for four years.

Robin Aronson has a PhD in Theater Studies and teaches and has taught at Cabrillo College for the last ten years. She started her career as a director here at Cabrillo many years before going off and getting her higher education in Arkansas and the University of Oregon for her doctorate.

Black Snow runs November 2-18 at the Cabrillo College Black Box Theater, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos. Tickets can be bought at the Cabrillo Visual and Performing Art Center events page.   For more information go to CabilloVapa.com.

M. Sophia Santiago

M. Sophia Santiago is a local life and conceptual artist who uses photography and the natural environment and human form to get her ideas across.

Currently, Sophia is having an exhibition of her work entitled Hard Lines:Soft Edges at the Tannery Print Shop in the Tannery Arts Center at 1050 River Street, Santa Cruz. It will be up until the December 5th.

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