Tony DeVarco

On November 29, 21012, Cincinnati native and local Santa Cruzian, visual artist and thinker, Tony DeVarco came into the KZSC studio to talk on Artist on Art about his work,  recent exhibitions, and book projects.

wotTony’s exhibition at the Marta Hewitt Gallery in the Pendleton Art Center is Way of Time; Recent Digital Photomontage,  ended recently. The exhibition consisted of very large poetic prints, some of which were taken from a book he co-created with his wife, Bonnie DeVarco, Way of Time: Spinning the Threads of Kairos & Chronos. He spoke extensively of his creative process to create the images by taking multitudes of photographic images, which he later juxtaposes in singular, multidimensional compositions that allow a simultaneous experience of the intimate and the infinite.

Tony talked about his artistic beginnings as a sculptor and set designer for performance artists as well as being the former Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. Like Fuller, Tony pursues interests in many fields, functioning as a committed visual artist, as well as a specialist in high performance cloud computing and geo-visualization.

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Poets David Sullivan & Adela Najarro

Poets, artists and educators, David Sullivan and Adela Najarro came into the KZSC studio on December 20, 2012, as guests on Artist on Art to talk about their art practice and read their poetry.

Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 2.24.22 PMThey both teach in the English department at Cabrillo College. David teaches English, Film and Screenwriting. Adela teaches as the English and is the Project Coordinator for the Puente Project, a program designed to support Latinidad in all its aspects while preparing community college students to transfer to four year colleges and universities.

David Allen Sullivan teaches English and Film at Cabrillo College. David recently wrote a book of poetry entitled, Every Seed of the Pomegranate,  published by Tebot Bach.  The poetry came out of David’s experience with his students who are returning US Vets from Iraq. It gives voice to US vets, citizens, and Iraqis.

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Adela Najarro writes poetry from  Her poetry appears in the University of Arizona Press anthology The Wind Shifts: New Latino Poetry, and she has published poems in numerous journals, including Porter Gulch Review, Feminist Studies, Puerto del Sol, Nimrod International Journal of Poetry & Prose, Notre Dame Review, Blue Mesa Review, Crab Orchard Review, ACM: Another Chicago Magazine, Artful Dodge, Cimarron Review, and elsewhere.

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Gary Maricich

On December 6, 2012, multi-talented artist/designer/thinker/maker Gary Maricich came into the KZSC studio to talk about his multi-disciplinary work and his current show at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Works in Progress.

In this installation, on the second floor landing of the museum, Gary, along with several other artists, will be adding a new sketch to the wall every week for nine weeks. This installation fits neatly into his artistic practice. Gary has already been doing a “sketch-a-day” for the past year on his own except now he’s sharing with the public. The show runs from December 14, 2012 – March 17, 2013.

We also talked about his multi-media art pieces that are in the new Plantronics building on Encinal in Santa Cruz. The pieces are varied from an interactive wall hung wooden sound box to digital photographs and sculpture. Many of the pieces use the Plantronics Sound Graphic within the piece itself.

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Raquel Cool


Local artist activist, Raquel Cool, came onto Artist on Art to talk about her final performance happening tonight of Live Nude Eggsa multi-media art installation, visual and performance piece.

In this piece, Raquel uses video, medical illustrative self-portrait paintings, and performances featuring a bar serving cocktails to inspire an informed conversation concerning the moral affects of the commodification of the female body and the bioethics of the human genetic industry. For tonight’s December First Friday Santa Cruz art tour, this is some of the best art you’ll find.

Art Research Office (formerly Vapr Labs) is hosting the last public reception for Live Nude Eggs, Friday, December 7th, 6-10pm at 285 Water Street, Unit B, Santa Cruz. It will be Raquel’s last performance at the Donor Bar — come and she’ll serve you an ovary martin or a breast-milk white russian.

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Another closing event is the screening of “Eggsploitation” Thursday 12/13 at 3pm. There will be a Q&A at 5pm with the director/producer Jennifer Lahl, president and founder of the Center of Bioethics and Culture Network. The installation will be open to the public until 8pm that night.

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