Phoenix Toews

On March 25th, DANMite Alumnus, Artist and Augmented Reality Guru, Phoenix Toews came onto the radio show to talk about his current work developing open source programming for location aware augmented reality for art generation, virtual gallery spaces and games applications.

Since graduating, along with fellow DANMite Meredith Drum and Mitch Miller, Phoenix , the three began the company Augmented Mountain. They are currently in the throes of a kickstarter campaign, Open Source Palimpsest: Your Imagination, Any Place. They are looking for help to improve user interface, test and finish for use the open source program, Palimpsest.

For two years, Augmented Mountain has been developing Augmented Reality (AR) apps. The team does this using a powerful and unique programming language called Palimpsest, developed by Phoenix. The name pays homage to Archimedes’ manuscript which contains hundreds of pages of math and theories explaining and questioning reality. Palimpsest enables the building of dynamic interactive computer generated environments which transform real world geographies.

Augmented Reality is a new frontier in digital media. With your help, Palimpsest can lead the way.

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Pamela Wylie & Ellen O’Hanlon

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 6.07.18 PMOn March 25, 2013, local artists Pamela Wylie and Ellen O’Hanlon were guests on Artist on Art. They came into the KZSC studio to talk about their upcoming April First Friday painting exhibit, Painting Into Our Emerging Cosmological Identity.

Painting Into Our Emerging Cosmological Identity is an exciting culmination of a year long educational collaboration using the creative Transformational Painting Process led by artistic director of Anavami Center, Maijo  with cosmological astrologer Rev. Pamela, group facilitator Ellen, and a group of 10 courageous painters.

These large format acrylic paintings will be shown at the Vital Body Therapy Center from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at 556 Ocean View Ave. in Santa Cruz right around the corner from the Shoppers Corner.

We also talked about the upcoming year-long series beginning May of 2013 through the summer of 2014, PAINTING into OUR EMERGING COSMOLOGICAL MYTHOLOGY.

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M. Sophia Santiago & Michelle Magdalena Maddox

On March 18, 2013, Life Artist & Photographer, M. Sophia Santiago & Photographer, Michelle Magdalena Maddox  were on Artist on Art to talk about their work and installation “Emergence”.

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 9.34.02 AMOn the first half of the show, Sophia and I spoke of her work as a photographer, conceptual and life artist.  We talked about the meaning behind “photo ID” in this case a story of emergence, self-reflection and witnessing.  In the second half of the show, we spoke to Michelle by phone about her work as a photographer in Pacific Grove. We spoke of how Sophia and Michelle collaborated and their process in the creation of “Emergence.”

The installation”Emergence” is a part of the SC MAH‘s exhibition, PHOTO ID which is happening March 30 through July 7, 2013. The Reception is March 29th from 6-9pm. Photo ID  is a museum-wide photography exhibition centered on the theme of identity. Loosely broken into three subthemes: self, social and gender, the exhibitions present artworks to stimulate reflection and lively discussion. “Emergence” is on the second floor in the Solari Gallery.

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Steve Whittaker

On March 11, 2013, UCSC Professor, Steve Whittaker spoke with Nada Miljkovic about his work and collaborations at the cross-section between psychology & computer science.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 5.16.51 PMWe talked about the concept of Technology Meditated Reflection, and how digital tools may be used for psychological well-being by helping us understand ourselves and change our emotions. Steve c0-created an android app entitled Echo: a mobile system that helps you remember and record your past to regulate your emotions.

Steve discussed negotiating/managing our online personality and personal information, the challenges of online platforms that allow us to document our lives online, and the digital breakup. For instance, Steve explained that studies show that many people make multiple mistakes when they dispose of digital possessions: some immediately delete too impulsively but later regret not keeping stuff. What are the ethics of trolling?

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Margaret Niven & Geoffrey Nelson

Artists, Margaret Niven & Geoffrey Nelson came onto Artist on Art to talk about their work and the upcoming Tannery Arts Lecture Series,  “Erotic Lounge: Explorations in Sensuality*.” The lecture series is produced by Margaret. The evening of performance and visual art is produced by Geoffrey with inspirations from similar aesthetics found at Burning Man and Storyville, the red-light district of New Orleans, Louisiana, from 1897 through 1917.
“Erotic Lounge: Explorations in Sensuality*” takes place, Thursday, March 21st at 7:00pm at the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Art at the Tannery Arts Center  @ 1050 River St # 127, Santa Cruz. Fun and naughty shopping begins at 6:00 at the SCICA’s Enter Through the Gift Shop. $3-$5 donation requested at the door & free parking available.
*adult content*

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Dr. Paul A. Lee

Dr. Paul A. Lee came into KZSC’s Artist on Art Radio show March 4, 2013 to talk about the upcoming publication of his newest book, “There is a Garden in the Mind, A Memoir of Alan Chadwick and the Organic Movement in California” by North Atlantic Press.

bookcoverThe book is the result of over thirty years of research and inquiry into the undermining of organic nature by modern science and industry and why the reaffirmation of organic nature had to be carried by the organic and environmental movements such that ‘organic’ became a buzzword. The first organic garden at a university (the University of California, Santa Cruz, 1967) was regarded by the scientists at the university as another hippie plot to further embarrass them. They thought ‘organic’ meant artificial and synthetic as carried on by ‘organic’ chemistry. This conflict between the organic Vitalist and the materialist Physicalist was exposed when Alan Chadwick began the student garden project and who would eventually be called “the world’s greatest gardener” (E. F. Schumacher) and who brought the Vitalist tradition of food and flower production from Goethe to Rudolf Steiner and the practice of Biodynamic and French Intensive systems and methods. Students flocked to him to learn about a sacramental understanding of nature opposed to the industrial /commercial relation. Chadwick initiated students into the mysteries and magic of nature from the layer of shellac in the seed to the nuptial flight of the Queen Bee. Tracing his gardening career from UCSC to Saratoga, to Green Gulch Zen Farm, to Covelo, to West Virginia, Chadwick is characterized as a Johnny Appleseed of the organic movement, transforming the lives of many of those he touched, taught, and trained.

For more information, go to

  • Dr. Lee will be speaking and showing an illustrated presentation at the Bookshop Santa Cruz March 13, 2013 at 7pm.
  • On March 19th, Dinner at Gabriella’s Cafe Restaurant at 7:30, off the menu regular pricing, with an illustrated talk at 8:30pm followed by questions and answers. Reservations are advised.
  • April 5th, Dr. Lee will also be presented at NextSpace for the Santa Cruz First Friday Art Tour.

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Here’s a video of Paul talking about his book, There Is a Garden in the Mind A Memoir of Alan Chadwick and the Organic Movement in California.

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