Paul Lee, UCSC Professor and Writer

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Prof. Paul Lee came on Artists on Art March 12, 2014, to talk about his upcoming Spring UCSC Cowell College Class, Who Killed Cock Robin.

In this class, Paul will be discussing the involvement with UCSC and the California Organic and Environmental movements while laying out the philosophical argument between vitalism and physicalism that began with Homer to Galileo to Goethe to today.

We also spoke about his recent TEDxSantaCruz talk about the Thymus Thump and why this was the idea he thought was worth spreading to the world.


Queen Jasmeen, poet and spoken word artist

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Queen Jasmeen came onto Artists on Art, February 26, 2014 to talk about her poetry and art as well as her upcoming talk, entitled Creative Resistance as Activism, at the third TEDxSantaCruz Event happening March 8, 2014 at the Hotel Paradox.

Queen Jasmeen, otherwise known as Jasmine Schlafke, is a spoken word artist dedicated to social change. She is the executive curator of the Legendary Santa Cruz Slam and teaches poetry to over 800 local youth annually. Jasmine is the 1999 recipient of the National Jefferson Award for outstanding voluntarism for her work with teen parents. She looks forward to sharing what keeps her activated through poetry.

Get your tickets today. Student discounts are still available.

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Andrew Purchin, Live Art Painter and Healer

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.47.23 AMPainter, Creative Witness, and Healer, Andrew Purchin came onto Artist on Art to talk about his work, the Creative Witnessing Project—making art at sites of tension, conflict and violence. He will be bringing to the third TEDxSantaCruz event March 8th, 2014 at the Hotel Paradox.

Andrew paints on site, be it landscapes or at events such as weddings or at historical moments. The types of events and moments he captures vary from the 2012 Republican and Democratic Conventions and the 2009 Presidential Inauguration to difficult and painful events, sites of conflict, violence and loss. He paints these places as way to witness, spur dialogue and help heal the community.

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