Graduating Digital Arts and New Media artist,Nick Lally, came into the KZSC radio station to talk about his upcoming collaborative installation with Kyle McKinley entitled “Building” in the upcoming DANM MFA 2010 Exhibition (running April 30th-May 9th with the reception, all are welcome May 7th).

We started the interview talking about his art collective Art Clash which just so happens to be putting on a mail art show in May.

What is mail art?  It is exchanging artwork with friends (and strangers) across the country! Once you are in the Art Clash program, you give them your address, and they’ll send you the addresses of four other participants. Each week in May you’ll send a piece of artwork to a randomly assigned recipient. We ask artists to spend about 2 hours a week on their projects and to mail them on time, so by the end of the month you will have sent and received four pieces of art!

His collective, Art Clash, also do a yearly “Fun-A-Day” Art project.  This winter they held their sixth annual event in eight cities! Artists across the country chose something fun to do everyday and created something each day for a month. This year’s project yielded tons of work that was funny, beautiful, interesting, thoughtful, unpretentious, creative, honest, and FUN! Check out photos from the shows in Oakland, Philly, and Pittsburgh. Events were also held in New York, Portland, Boston, and Chapel Hill, NC. Find us on facebook to see more!

Image from Everydatum, Iteration II

Nick’s work at UCSC in the DANM program involves software experiments which enact situations that create spaces for social participation, dialogue and reflection on complex systems. These works are interventions into the everyday, which lead to open-ended, experiential modes of engagement with software, the material world, and other participants. I tried to explain one of the projects that I witnessed and participated in two years ago with Nik Hanselmann (who is also exhibiting and graduating) entitled Everydatum, Iteration II. They built custom sensors in the Sesnon Gallery to collect the data and broadcasted it to an online database. The seemingly mundane data is then visualized in unexpected, complex and beautiful ways.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to our show in entirety by clicking on the triangle below.[audio:]

Also, here’s a little twitvid we did right before our live broadcast:

The following is the gallery wall title for his upcoming DANM MFA 2010 Exhibition:
“Building anything is a process. Building something good usually involves a lot of people’s ideas and labor. building is what we have called the people and the process of building something good in this building. Each Friday at 2 PM, building gets together to talk, eat snacks, and make building. building builds on itself: last week’s building is this week’s built, but this week’s built is the place to build next week’s building. The interests of building include ghosts, software studies, coffee, walks in the woods, things that turn, critical spatial practice, the politics of representation, flea markets, poesis, precarity, female fronted punk bands of the 70s and 80s, and building. However, building interests are always building. The process of building results in traces of those interests. It also involves traces of the art/works of Nick and Kyle McKinley. All those traces are the building where you now stand. What will be building tomorrow?”


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