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This is the list of all the interview shows that have aired since the beginning of the radio show Artists on Art on UCSC’s KZSC Radio Station and a few other shows such as when I was a guest on the Fabulous Unfiltered Camels and when Roopesh and I were on Bruce Bratton’s University Grapevine.

The dates are the links to the interview audio files.  In some cases, the guests’ names are linked to their websites.  Some people may even have two links cause they are doubly special.

Ben Carson – September 15, 2009

Bruce Damer – September 1, 2009

Ben Carson – August 25, 2009

Roopesh Sitheran – August 20, 2009

Jessica Hayden – July 28, 2009

Chris Molla – July 21, 2009

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