Photo by Laura-Mae Noble
Photo by Laura-Mae Noble

This show was a pre-recorded interview from December 1st, 2009, when both these fabulous singers that form AE were in town for their CD release party at the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz.

They sang beautifully live at the Kuumbwa and captured wonderfully both on the CD and in the radio station.  For more information about their music, their website is AEsings.

The two women bring together a deep knowledge of different vocal traditions to create something new while honoring the old. I’m fascinated that they were able to take a passion sparked when they were children and cultivated into their adulthood through a two-prong approach to gain deeper understanding: by studying ethnomusicology and continuing to sing.

During the interview, Aurelia and Eva articulated their process, evolution, and intention as artists very well.  This includes addressing sensitive sociological issues of culture and traditions.

You will also hear them talk about their chosen name AE (the joined a and e, officially pronounced “ash”) and how it represents something of a dual nature–not singular, not plural, but exactly two.

Georgian panduri khalhuri
Georgian panduri khalhuri

During their short visit to Santa Cruz, as I mentioned above, I had the fortune to see them play both in the studio and at the Kuumbwa. They primarily perform a cappella with occasional accompaniment on the accordion, Eva, and Georgian panduri, Aurelia.

In case you missed our mini-interview that was broadcast December 1st, please scroll down on this blog.

Our show can be heard in entirety below by clicking on the triangle below. [audio:]

The recorded interview starts with Aurelia and Eva singing. During the live broadcast, I introduced them both at the beginning of the show to give context.

Below is a YouTube video of Aurelia and Eva performing “Shairebi” which is on their new CD.


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