Local,  Director- Writer- Producer-Actor, Brian Spencer, came into the studio to talk about work.

Brian Spencer – back in the 80s when he moved here from SF. We began the conversation talking about his current work as Artistic Director for the 8 Tens at 8 at the Santa Cruz Actor’s Theatre at 1001 Center Street.  This is the 16th production of this unique and interesting short play festival and extravaganza.  Opening night was January 7th, 2011, running four weekends, beginning Thursday nights through Sunday, in a row at 8pm with matinees Saturday and Sunday.

Always a hit with audiences, the festival highlights the diverse talents of eight different playwrights and eight different directors and an acting company of some of the best actors in Santa Cruz.

Ticket prices are: Fridays and Saturdays – $18 General, $16 students and seniors, Thursdays and Sundays are 2 for $25. Available at www.brownpapertickets.com or may be reserved by calling 425-PLAY.

These are a list of the plays performed:

The Whitefish by Wilma Chandler, directed by Helene Simkin Jara

The Intended by Bob Duxbury, directed by Peter Gelblum

A Show of Hands by Crish Barth, directed by Steve Brenner

Parent Teacher Conference by Mary Caroline Rogers, directed by Al Muller

The First Thirty Minutes by Barry Martin, directed by Stuart Serman

Light, Button, Drawer, Repeat by Earl Roske, directed by MarNae Taylor

The Quest by Elyce Melmon, directed by Lara Foy

At the End of Eight Years by Christopher Morse, directed by Joan Van Antwerp

Featuring the 8 Tens @ Eight 2011 acting company: Chris Arends, MarNae Taylor, Steven Capasso, Lisa Hadley, Ian McRae, Rita Wadswort, Stuart Serman, Crystelle Reola, David Guzman, Ali Eppy, Jennifer Galvin, Michelle Shulman, and Miguel Reyn

And if that wasn’t enough.  The plays that didn’t make the last cut…on every Wednesday

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the best of the rest fest…

3 wednesdays: january 12, 19, 26 @ 8 pm

staged readings of the eight runners-up from the ten minute play contest 2010

comedy / drama / avante-garde !!

discussions of the plays following the show

tickets prices are $10 general and $8 for students and seniors. available at the door one hour before show

the plays are:

Save Me by: Joan Broadman

directed by: Glenda Dixon

Code 7 by: Michael Callahan

directed by Wilma Marcus Chandler

The Running Mate by :Mark Saunders

directed by Richard Saldavia

Date Expectations by: Ariana Loving

directed by: Deborah Quigg

Damned If You Do by: Joseph Sebastian

directed by : Steve “Spike” Wong

Two Minutes of Heroism by: Matt Hanf

directed by: Suzanne Schrag

MacSpin by: Seth Freeman

directed by: Jean Weisz

Between Floors by: Constance Egan

directed by: Wilma Marcus Chandler

Opens in April at the Broadway Playhouse

A Number – by Caryl Churchill


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