Multi-media artist and 2010 DANM alumnus, Chris Molla came into KZSC to talk about his newest adventures with partner Jessica Faith Hayden.

Chris is a musical composer, teacher and  former member of Camper Van Beethoven.  Jess is a theatrical performer/writer/interactive object creator. They are both amazing artists doing wonderful participatory collaborative new media art. After graduating from UCSC with their MFAs, Chris and Jess took off across country and through the desert looking to get a start as artists.

Their newest endeavors involve starting a new gallery, Silver Street Contemporary Gallery, in Tucson Arizona. Their first exhibition will be October 22 through December 3 entitled The Deeds and Suffering of Light comprised of photographs taken by Chris and Jessica. Chris described his images as photographs approached in a painterly fashion and Jessica’s concerned with the macro lens.

The Silver Street Contemporary Gallery is just coming into being through a new art collective, Monterey Court found at 505 West Miracle Mile, Tucson, Arizona. The space originated from in late 40s and early 50s when motor courts were in vogue and populated routes throughout the Western States. After the advent of cheap hotels, motor-courts fell out of style and lay wasted. Monterey Court is repurposing their motor-court into a group of galleries. Chris also mentioned another interesting art gallery concept found in an organization, Axle Contemporary. They use a big moving van as their roving galleries on wheels for showing paintings and works on paper.

Here’s a little video we took right before the show:

To hear our broadcast in its entirety, please click the grey ‘play’ button:
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