Digital media artist Daniel Christopher came onto Artist on Art on the March 19, 2012 live interview show to talk about his current project and installation, Journey Through Light, as part of the DANM MFA Graduating Exhibition entitled I’ve got something on your mind the culmination of two years of research and artistic exploration, and will include new media works that explore performativity, interactivity and participation.

Journey Through Light is an interactive, group adventure through the visible light spectrum. Participants with glowing orbs move about a landscape of networked sculptures, activating embedded light elements by proximity. While participants can experience aspects of the work individually, only through collaboration can the visible light spectrum be transcended. In the spirit of the gameplay, participants are asked to refrain from engaging in any form of disembodied social interaction by temporarily exchanging their cellphone for an orb. Initially orbs will pulse with red light – the longest visible wavelength that humans can perceive. By seeking out others with orbs and visiting sculpture sites collectively, orbs progress through colors of the light spectrum, increasing in frequency until fully activated – signified by a violet state. Violet-colored orbs will unlock elements of a media experience at the central installation located in the Light Lab (DARC 306).

There will be five, two-hour sessions of “Journey Through Light” throughout the two-week MFA show. If you would like more information or are interested in participating, contact Daniel. This work could not have been developed without a dedicated team: computer science students Ace Levenberg and Aidan Seine. Others involved in the development of this work include: DANM Alumni Levi Goldman & Joe Cantrell, Sudhu Tewari, and Peter Elsea.

If you missed any part of our art broadcast, please click the gray ‘play’ button below: [haiku url=”″ title=”Daniel Christopher” graphical=”true”]

Here’s a video of our interview:


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