Local Inventor, Scientist Artist, and Owner & Curator of the DigiBarn, Dr. Bruce Damer came onto Artist on Art July 31st to talk about Dr. Bruce’s Levity Zone.

Along with the Friends of Levity, Dr. Bruce is creating a visionary science and magic community by creating conversational podcasts, video, animation, imagery, art and commentary on the state and future of the human experiment in the cosmos. Tap into our streams and be transformed into another human being liberated into levity, wakened to wonder, and an able agent of the new world.

There is so much to talk with Bruce about his past work from the early stages of avatar creation and online education to NASA’s Mars Range Rover work to his Evogrid his PhD, Bruce is a local treasure.

Below is a presentation Bruce gave, “Simulating Life’s Origin – Bruce Damer (SETI Talks)”


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