The DANMite Interviews continue. On March 26, 2012, visual multimedia artist, Emily Martinez came into KZSC to talk  about her work and  philosophy while in the throes of completing her Digital Arts and New Media degree. We talked specifically about Emily’s current project and upcoming installation, The Ghost of History: On (Collective) Memory, Light and Vision using HD video, custom software, and an electro-encephalograph (EEG) brain-computer interface.

Emily Martinez is a Cuban immigrant that began her practice in the visual arts through photography while also being influenced by sound, music, math, and the written word.  Actively involved in Miami’s emerging art scene from 2000 – 2010, Emily’s work has been exhibited as part of group and solo exhibitions, collaborations, and site specific installations. For examples of her work, visit her website, something nothing.

Emily’s new installationThe Ghost of History, opens April 28, 2012 at UCSC’s Digital Arts and Research Center (DARC). The Ghost of History explores how the embodiment of memory in networked media influences how histories are re-inscribed onto themselves. This project creates an immersive digital cinema composed entirely of appropriated web content, re/assembled as animated loops, and remixed in real-time by the viewer’s fluctuating brainwave rhythms. Oscillating between visual perception and mental observation, the viewer navigates a labyrinth of multiple, discontinuous, collective memories, exploring the disorienting and transformative liminal spaces between these virtual records, their material manifestations and psychic traces.

Here’s a video from our live broadcast:


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