Artists on Art continues with the 2011 DANM MFA Graduate Interview Series. Permutations Exhibition begins Saturday April 30 – May 1st and May 5-8th at the DARC. Gallery hours are 10am-4pm.

Fabiola Hanna is a computer programmer video digital artist.  Her  Installation is entiteld, “We Are History: A People’s History of Lebanon”  It is a nonlinear, narrative movie that changes through the application of an algorithm each time new content is inputted.

Some backstory on Fabiola’s piece, in 1997, the Lebanese government released new books and curriculum for all school subjects except one: History. In 1997, like all previous years, Lebanese students struggled to make copies of the old and only textbook available, last published in 1969. That history textbook only covers Lebanese history until 1946, so modern Lebanese history remains unknown, even to its own children. “We Are History: A People’s History of Lebanon” gathers oral histories from the Lebanese who lived through these times, and knits together complimentary or contradicting stories, depending on content and perspective, and presents them as a possible version of history.

Andrew Pascoe’s project is an opera he composed, “God: The Opera” (a chamber opera based on the Book of Job) in collaboration with librettist, Jacob Cribb. The world premiere of this opera will be May 6th at 8pm at the DARC following the DANM MFA reception.

The opera is comprised of a variety of musical styles and tonal practices, ranging from sixteenth century practice to algorithmic computer music. Exploring the meaning of music as a parallel to the meaning of suffering, the opera is replete with musical and literary allusions. Decontextualization and confusion abound as Job navigates a disrupted moral landscape. Performed as a reading, the score calls for: Soprano, Alto, Baritone, and Bass and instruments: Oboe, String Quartet, Piano and Electronics.

Artists on Art Guests Fabiola Hanna and Andrew Pascoe from Nada Ammann on Vimeo.

If you missed any part of the live broadcast, please click on the triangle below to hear the entire show.

The Digital Arts and New Media MFA program at UC Santa Cruz presents an exhibition of ten graduate students whose works employ advanced technologies for creative potential and social impact.

Entitled Permutations, this year’s UCSC DANM MFA exhibition is the culmination of two years of research and artistic exploration, and will include new media works that explore performativity, interactivity and participation. Through storytelling about places, times and players, these artists experiment with digital media to produce unforeseen outcomes and permutations. Their works probe fundamental questions and explore controlled and random mediated experience. They interrogate the borderlands, edges, and contested territories of contemporary new media art practice.

Talk: Friday May 6 at 4PM by Steve Dietz  Reception: Friday May 6, 5:30 – 7:30PM, immediately followed by a free performance of a newly composed opera. The location is The Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) and located off Meyer Drive near the Music Recital Hall and Theater Arts on the west side of campus.


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