Inventing the Future of Video Games Keynote Will Wright from Nada Ammann on Vimeo.

Inventing the Future of Games Symposium took place Friday, April 15 at the Indian Center in Milpitas. This symposium aimed to explore the possibilities of the next decade of gaming innovation and technology.

Sponsored by the UC Santa Cruz null, the symposium gathered some of the brightest minds of academia and industry to discuss the advancement of game design and technology.

The inaugural symposium and coming out party for the UC Santa Cruz Center for Games and Playable Media featured keynote speeches by Sims creator Will Wright, Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble (Second Life),and Michael Mateas, co-creator of Facade.

More information is available at​future2011. The symposium was open to the public.

Below is the video third keynote speaker, Will Wright. The second, Rob Humble, will be up very soon.


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