Game creator Ira Liss of AOK was the guest for Gamers on Game On October 24, 2011, to talk about his company AOK that came together to create the AOK game and iPhone/Mobile App.

AOK is a “social game for good,” recognizing and inspiring a new kind of kind, where players share, and become aware of, Acts and Observations of Kindness (or, “AOKs”). Players can then donate their points to real world causes, while also leveling up within the AOK community. It’s a game for the whole family that is helping create a better world.

My family and I, highly recommend this game. It took us minutes to register, download the app and start capturing acts of kindness. My son was helping my daughter with her math homework. She immediately put up his act of kindess, along with my husband’s and my acts of kindness. Immediately, it was a competition as to who had the most acts of kindness points. All this happened within ten minutes of me explaining the game at the dinner table. It is that easy and fun to play AOK.

Ira and I had a great conversation about how AOK came into being through founders Ludlow Kingsley, Natron Baxter Applied Gaming and We spoke about the number of people playing the game, changing people’s perspectives through playing the game, and how much real money, Cause Currency, AOK has given out and to what end.

For instance, every AOK Point earned in October to mid-November is a penny of Cause Currency donated to the Global Green I AM campaign to combat climate change. Global Green is a leader in the fight against some of the greatest ecological challenges we face today, such as the climate change threatening our world’s beloved coastal cities. Through your Acts and Observations, AOK is pleased to support their efforts toward greener cities, greener schools, and a sustainable future for all.

Beginning November 16th and running through the year end, AOK will be funneling the AOK Cause Currency funds to the Anti-Bullying movement.

To hear our broadcast in its entirety, please click the gray ‘play’ button below: [haiku url=”″ title=”Ira Liss” graphical=”true”]

Their blog is super fun. This is where you get to witness and comment on acts of kindness. Here’s a video about


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