Local dancer, singer, electronica musician, videographer, producer and editor Jazz-Elle came into UCSC’s KZSC radio station December 12, 2011 to talk about her upcoming event Deckin the Holidaze Party. Jazz-Elle is also a UCSC alum having graduated from the Community Studies program with her Master in Arts in 2008.

This show will be at the Coasters Lounge, Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bowl, December 16th beginning at 9pm with three acts. Come out to this happening dancing and live music event created as a means to de-stress with partying from all the holiday pressure. It’s a free event.

Jazz-elle Lasiuk is an educator, editor and producer at Community Television of Santa Cruz. She has a show on the station called, Planet of Dreamz. You can find all ten episodes at Jazz-elle’s Youtube Channel, JazzElleMusic.

Her website,  is full of her musical and video work at Jazz-Elle.com. Her Electro Wave music can be heard here at listn.to/jazz-elle. playing “in the heat” in Sacramento. She has a full length cd album, Test Your Taste Buds. By cross pollinating the sounds of Bjork’s “Big Time Sensuality”, with Joan Baez’s “Blowing in the Wind”, while dancing in a “Love Shack” with the B-52’s, and then “Stepping Out” to DJ Kaskade, you get a better understanding of the influences that helped to produce the Jazz-elle vibe.

To hear our broadcast in its entirety, please click the gray ‘play’ button below: [haiku url=”http://miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/aoa121211.mp3″ title=”Jazz-Elle” graphical=”true”]

This video is from alive performance of Jazz-elle’s song “Don’t Doubt It” at the Cypress Lounge 2010. Used here to promote the Deckin the Holidaze Party Dec 16th, 2011. 9 pm at the Coasters Lounge, Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bowl.

This is my daughter’s new song obsession:


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