Graduating DANMite, Jesse Fulton came on to Artist on Art April 16, 2012 to talk about his work and upcoming installations at the upcoming DANM MFA Exhibition 2012 I’ve got something on your mind.

Jesse’s work explores issues of transparency, autonomy, and agency on the Internet. Software studies, science studies, physical computing, street art, tactical media.

Jesse grew up in a suburb of Boston and went to undergrad in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins University in Psychology and Computer. After graduating he moved to LA shortly after and lived there for about 4 years doing web development (worked for Disney and freelanced) before coming up to UCSC.

Jesse’s thesis projects are about digital culture, digitization, and the privatization of the Internet. The basic gist is that people view technology as supporting and fostering democratic ideals, yet the very nature of a privatized internet (Google, Facebook, etc.) is inherently undemocratic. 

Jesse will be showing two projects at the MFA show: “Everybody’s Google”, and “Web Pages for Humans” (/Ocular Character Recognition)

  • EG explores the various “digital life worlds” Google builds and presents to end users through it’s personalization algorithms
  • WPfH is a bit more playful… most/all documents on the web are text-based and machine-readable so that search engines can index and query them; my project transforms those documents into digital (and physical) images, distorted in a way such that humans can still read them, yet machine algorithms cannot.

Here is a video of our interview:


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