Multi-media artist Linda Kimball Grace came on to KZSC’s Artists on Art for May 24, 2011. She has an upcoming exhibition, “Walls, Weeds and Wonderment” at the Windmill Cafe for the entire month of June. This art show will feature paintings, poems and photographs.

The paintings are large format, transformational paintings that shift from abstract to spontaneous form that communicates the spiritual side of Linda. Linda talked about her painting practice and guidance from Majio of Anavami Studio, her teacher for over six years. Majio uses meditation and hypo-therapy to create a space for participants to tap into their subconscious and bring up whatever with acrylic paints onto a black felt screen.

The poems and photographs come from a car trip Linda took last year to New Mexico. The poems came to her before she had barely left Santa Cruz County and continue to visit her to today.  She read several of them during our show.

Linda is a long-time local who has lived in Santa Cruz since the late 70s. She graduated from UCSC in Politics and Economics and has a Masters in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley. After a career in community and economic development, Linda turned to art as an entrepreneur. She co-founded and operated the Cayuga Vault, promoting music, art and culture for over a decade. Behind the scenes, she is a massage therapist , a student of spirituality and a lover of art.

To hear our interview,  please press play: [haiku url=”″ title=”Chip Lord” graphical=”true”]


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