Local artist, painter and poet, Linda Kimball Grace was the special Thanksgiving 2012 guest on Artist on Art. Her exhibition, From the Cosmos to the Subconscious, currently up at the Stevenson Coffee House ending November 30, 2012. Linda is an alumna of Stevenson College and a former Barista at Stevenson Coffee House.

Linda’s paintings are large format acrylic on black felt roofing paper. Typically, her paintings shape shift, from abstract to revealed form. Her paintings reflect a willingness to dive into the spiritual, cosmological, and subconscious realms.

“It is a liberating process, full of surprises and trust … it teaches me how to live the rest of my life … empowered from my body and heart, not just my head.”

Linda attributes her transformational painting process to her teacher, Patricia Majio, the artist founder/director of Studio Anavami, on Westside Santa Cruz. This new collection of paintings stem mostly from a year long study of the 10 Cosmological Powers, working with Majio, Pamela Wiley and cosmologist Pamela Eakin, author of The Lightening Papers: the Ten Powers of Evolution.

To hear our Artist on Art broadcast, please click the gray ‘play’ button below: [haiku url=”http://miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/aoaturkey2012.mp3″ title=”Linda Grace Kimball” graphical=”true”]


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