Local painter, sculpture, multi-media artist, Linda Levy, came into the KZSC radio studio to talk about the upcoming event, Ceram-A-Rama, 3 DAYS of CLAY at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center beginning Friday, September 17. This is an afternoon BBQ potluck dinner and special showing of the documentary, “Through the Valley of Fire. Saturday, the 18th, will be a ceramics workshop and demonstration by Tom Coleman from 10am until 4pm.

Then, Sunday the 19th, from 11am to 5 pm is what has traditionally been the event for Ceram-A-rama. The day is filled with fun for both professional ceramists and families, and laypeople such as myself that sadly only play with clay on this one day a year. There are hands on-clay contests, prizes, raku firing and a demonstration by Sylvia Rios.

This event has been happening been for 9  years, and is one of my favorite Art events.  Traditionally, Ceram-A-Rama has been a one-day event occurring on Sundays. The first thing you will notice when you go is the mountain of clay just waiting for the public to grab a big hunk and make a bowl on the many available potter’s wheels and/or hand build an animal.

Which reminds me, wear clothes for play. Be ready get wet clay gooey. As Linda reminded during our show, clay does wash out.  This event is free and open to the public.   The Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center is located at 9341 Mill Street, Ben Lomond, CA.

During the show we talked a little about Linda’s very interesting history.  She’s a UCSC graduate of psycho-biology and chemistry and  worked in the Aerospace Industry as a researcher for a long enough period to be able to retire.  She told us that she always was doing art on the side and comes from a rich history of professional artists in her family.  She explained how she has to be balanced with the amount of science and art she does.  Luckily, working in digital media, there is quite a bit of science involved with programming.  I hope to have her back on soon to just talk about her art practice. She’s the quintessential right/left brain person.

We did get to speak a little about her process painting and using digital arts (or computer aided technology).  Sometimes, she begins with sketches that are transferred into the computer and other times she starts with the computer.  In any case, she always begins with an abstract foundation to the painting that has to be right before she gets into the figurative elements. Linda does mostly figurative art pieces.

Linda is on the board of the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz and the City Art Program. Linda served on the Board of the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County for 8 years, 4 as Open Studios Chair, and has recently been appointed to the Santa Cruz County Arts Commission.

Linda has been involved with the  Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center since its inception 14 years ago.   All these years, the center has been providing a wide range of classes for all ages.  We brought up another amazing woman artist, Brenda Berg, who teaches robotics and claymation for children.  There are weekly live figure drawing classes, poetry, ukelele, you name it and the art center probably has done the class or will.

For more information, please call at center at 831-336-3613 or go to their website, MountainArtCenter.org.

Here’s a twitvid from our show:


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