On March 18, 2013, Life Artist & Photographer, M. Sophia Santiago & Photographer, Michelle Magdalena Maddox  were on Artist on Art to talk about their work and installation “Emergence”.

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 9.34.02 AMOn the first half of the show, Sophia and I spoke of her work as a photographer, conceptual and life artist.  We talked about the meaning behind “photo ID” in this case a story of emergence, self-reflection and witnessing.  In the second half of the show, we spoke to Michelle by phone about her work as a photographer in Pacific Grove. We spoke of how Sophia and Michelle collaborated and their process in the creation of “Emergence.”

The installation”Emergence” is a part of the SC MAH‘s exhibition, PHOTO ID which is happening March 30 through July 7, 2013. The Reception is March 29th from 6-9pm. Photo ID  is a museum-wide photography exhibition centered on the theme of identity. Loosely broken into three subthemes: self, social and gender, the exhibitions present artworks to stimulate reflection and lively discussion. “Emergence” is on the second floor in the Solari Gallery.

To hear M. Sophia Santiago speak on Artist on Art,  click the gray ‘play’ button below. [haiku url=”http://miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/31813.mp3″ title=”M. Sophia Santiago” graphical=”true”]

To hear Michelle Magdalena Madox, click the gray ‘play’ button below. [haiku url=”http://miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/31813_1.mp3″ title=”Michelle Magdalena Maddox” graphical=”true”]

Photo ID takes over the entire Santa Cruz MAH. In the 1st floor Lezin Gallery, Visitors will be able to take their own group portraits in the style of different time periods in an immersive photo booth activity. On the 2nd floor landing, there will be photographs and self-portraits done by children from Watsonville and Live Oak.  The works in the 2nd floor Solari Gallery will reveal artists’ aesthetic, psychological, and emotional relationships to the self and community. Ted Holladay and Instant Magazine are mounting a Camera Phone Photography show on the 3rd floor stairwell and lobby. The images are culled from a large-scale call for photographs taken in the work places of Santa Cruz County community members. In the Art Forum Gallery on the 3rd floor, themes of gender and social constructs

This is Sophia’s first museum exhibition and joins an incredible list of artists:  Poppy de Garmo, Sasha Yungju Lee,  Jim Collum and Joe Ravetz, Janice Suhji, Angelica Muro, Jonathan Eubanks, Dave Engledow Nicholas Albrecht, Lesley Louden, Beth Yarnelle Edwards and Laurie Long, Hedwig Heerschop, Cesar Kuriyama, Catherine Opie, Lewis, Brian Taylor, Shmuel Thaler, Charles Berger, Tobin Keller, Chris Felver, Sandra Frank, Sara Friedlander, Tod Gangler, Terri Garland, Tony Grant, Susan Hillyard, Susan Hoisington, Stephen Hosmer, r.r. jones, Claire Lerner, Norman Locks, Ann Mansolino, Lester Marks, Drew Miller, Dusty Nelson, David Moir and Chip Scheuer. Thomas Campbell, Mike Brodie and Tobin Yelland, Paul Schiek, Robin Laser and Adrienne Pao, Miguel Angelo Libarnes, Rosemary Sanders, Lynn Saville, Susan A. Barnett, Mido Lee, Peter Merts, and Jana Marcus, to name a few.


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