February 6, 2012, local code monkey, dice jockey, zombie slayer,and CEO, Mike Muldoon came into UCSC’s KZSC for an interview on Gamers on Game with host, Nada Miljkovic.

Mike and Nada talked about how and why he started his company, Infrno.net the online community for role playing enthusiasts, providing a virtual game table with video conference and shared whiteboard. This platform has all the tools you need to find players of your caliber, connect with them, and get your game on from any place, at any time.

Infrno was born out of a need. After his role-playing crew disintegrated by everyone moving away, Mike vowed he wasn’t going to let physical space get in his way of having fun. He programmed a way to keep playing with his buddies which resulted in the creation of Infrno, a space and way for people to play virtually with people all over the world.

We talked about the product launch demo event beginning Friday, February 11th, with Wild Kingdom launching their profile on Infrno. The game is Outbreak:Wild Kingdom, the first expansion for Outbreak:Undead. Games will be running for the next few weeks on Infrno.

In the last six months, Mike’s been adding more services to the Infrno platform. Now, you can author your own board adventure role playing game, post it to Infrno and play with your friends. Mike says it’s super easy, no programming experience necessary. Infrno is free with some paid perks from subscriptions.

If you missed any part of our Gamers on Game broadcast, please click the gray ‘play’ button below: [haiku url=”http://miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/gog2612.mp3″ title=”Mike Muldoon” graphical=”true”].

Here’s the video of our interview:


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