On November 15, 2012, UCSC alum and locally raised, photographer, documentarian and entrepreneur, Nico Secunda came into the KZSC station to talk about the upcoming launch party for the international non-profit, Huichol Foundation.

This public debut is happening at the Santa Cruz Museum of History and Art, November 18, 2012 at 6:30pm.

Along with his father, Brant Secunda, Nico co-founded the Huichol Foundation to expand their long-standing support of the Huichol. Through this organization, they hope to foster global awareness and support for the cultural preservation and economic survival of the Huichol people and culture.

Nico is also the Vice President of SHAMAN Organic Chocolates, a project of the Dance of the Deer Foundation, which uses it profits to support the Huichol Indians of Mexico. As the managing director of Fit Soul Fit Body, Nico has helped shape the company and expand awareness for the brand globally.

Nico Secunda is a native of Santa Cruz, and though he was born and raised here, he has spent much of his life traveling extensively throughout North America, Europe and Japan, accompanying his father to various seminars, retreats, and conferences teaching about the indigenous Huichol People of Mexico. Nico has had a life-long connection with this ancient tribe through his father’s life’s work with the Huichol. Both Nico and Brant are treated as members of the Huichol tribe.

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