Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 6.07.18 PMOn March 25, 2013, local artists Pamela Wylie and Ellen O’Hanlon were guests on Artist on Art. They came into the KZSC studio to talk about their upcoming April First Friday painting exhibit, Painting Into Our Emerging Cosmological Identity.

Painting Into Our Emerging Cosmological Identity is an exciting culmination of a year long educational collaboration using the creative Transformational Painting Process led by artistic director of Anavami Center, Maijo  with cosmological astrologer Rev. Pamela, group facilitator Ellen, and a group of 10 courageous painters.

These large format acrylic paintings will be shown at the Vital Body Therapy Center from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm at 556 Ocean View Ave. in Santa Cruz right around the corner from the Shoppers Corner.

We also talked about the upcoming year-long series beginning May of 2013 through the summer of 2014, PAINTING into OUR EMERGING COSMOLOGICAL MYTHOLOGY.

To hear Pamela Wylie & Ellen O’Hanlon, click the gray ‘play’ button below. [haiku url=”″ title=”Pamela Wylie & Ellen O’Hanlon” graphical=”true”]

Transformational Painting is a technique to stir the psyche to new awareness  with realizations of our relationships to inner and outer worlds through painting.  The painters embarked on a creative journey combining the creative Transformational Painting process and the new cosmological sciences. This project demonstrates how scientific language and symbols can support an inclusive rich and diverse emerging Universal culture and a more integrated context for transformative shifts in consciousness.

10 artists will show one large format painting, on the subject of their personal Cosmological identity. They are non-traditionally trained artists from a variety of backgrounds. Their work shows an approach to express, explore and integrate newest science discoveries with personal and emerging collective cosmological mythology.

Extended Painting Seminar, beginning May of 2013 through summer of 2014, PAINTING into OUR EMERGING COSMOLOGICAL MYTHOLOGY is open to take in components. Through an exploration of interconnectedness, they will learn how the powers of the Universe move within each of us. Exploring personal archetypes in the Creative Process, they will shift from their inherited stories to generative sustainable evolutionary stories of global community. Each month their paintings will resonate with a central figure of your personal mythology on the backdrop of our growing evolutionary consciousness. Get to know the char-acters that inhabit your mythology.

This kind of inner creative work takes no experience in the visual arts, but demands a willingness to release old stories and dramas that keep us in separation. There is an initial one-time fee of $60 for personal cosmological/astrological information from Pamela Wylie that can be used through the entire seminar. There is a monthly fee of $30 for additional information relating cosmological/astrological context, as well as a painting fee of $160-$185 sliding scale, to Majio which includes art materials and digital photographs.



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