Local painter, multi-media artist, Ray Gwyn Smith came into KZSC for Artist on Art on September 19, 2011 to talk with me, Nada Miljkovic, about her upcoming participation in this year’s Open Studio Art Tour, where artists across the Santa Cruz County open up their studios and homes to the public.

I found this quote on the Ray’s website that I think wonderfully encapulates her paintings, particularly the one to the left.

“My work comes through my life, and I live my life engaged with nature with a reverence instinctive as breath. Balanced on the edge of knowing and not knowing. And so I would have my painting, color — a visual chord, a gesture of movement, prayer to the passing moment. This particular fall of light, a homage to enchantment, a freeing — excantare.

That last word means to charm out, bring forth by incantation. It’s the perfect word for the painting and Ray’s approach to painting. Ray explained how she found this word during our interview.

Prior to coming to Santa Cruz County and During the period between 1967-1971, Ray lived in Los Angeles, painted professionally and exhibited in numerous galleries. Solo large scale works included in various juried shows such as The Younger Artist Exhibit, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, several shows on La Cienega Boulevard, including one woman show at The Molly Barnes Gallery 1969. She organized and taught art in independent and public workshops. Took a year off to travel and paint in 1971 to the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, England, India, and Nepal, before Moving back to Santa Cruz, CA and eventually settling in Bonny Doon, CA, and establishing her current art studio on the edge of Wilder State Park.

Ray has partaken and will be partaking in this year’s Open Studio, the art tour put on every year by our CCSCC.

The tour dates are:
October 1st & 2nd for the North County which is north of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor,
October 8th & 9th for the South County which is south of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor and October 15th & 16th which is the Encore weekend for those artists that want to do it in both North & South County. The New Studios Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To find out where all the artists will be showing, purchase an art tour guide and calendar at many participating stores and outlets across the County.

Ray will be participating in the first weekend only.


To hear our broadcast in its entirety, please click the grey ‘play’ button below:
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