Screen shot 2013-07-06 at 1.56.45 PMArtist, sculptor, educator and musician, Steve Addi of Artscape Productions came onto Artists on Art, June 26th, to talk about his current project, a mobile metal smithing sculpture creating machine.

Steve begins his road trip August 2013 and will be giving workshops and educational seminars as well as creating new sculpture wherever he can. He makes large pieces, sometimes monumental in size, using steel and glass. He randomly places the two media together and then composes until he views it as balanced and complete. He loves combining the solidity and longevity of steel with the fragility of glass.

Steve sees art as a way to of tapping into a higher consciousness, as man is the only earthly being who creates as a way to communicate and express. One of the goals of his life is to promote this ideal.

To hear our interview, please click on the grey button below: [haiku url=”″ title=”Steve Addi” graphical=”true”]


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