Ann Rea Guest for March 29, 2011

Artist, CEO | Ann Rea, Inc. & Founder of the ArtistsWhoTHRIVE website was on KZSC 88.1 FM, 3/29/11 AT 8 pm. Ann is a San Francisco based painter and marketing expert. During the show, we talked her art and her upcoming workshop with CCSCC entitled “Art of Marketing.”
With the direct mentorship Ann received from contemporary painter Wayne Thiebaud (an American Art icon), she paints in the timeless tradition of French Impressionists like Monet, plein air (in the open air). Ann  founded Artists Who THRIVE with a mission to empower artists to thrive creatively and financially. By sharing her experience and insight she has guided a diverse number of artists from across the globe. Rea walks her talk. Her oil paintings, and her inspired business approach, have been featured on the “Fine Living” network, in “Fortune” magazine, and profiled in the book “Career Renegade.”

Ann will be teaching for Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County the “Art of Marketing” seminar at the Cabrillo College Visual Arts Lecture Hall in Aptos on Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM. To register for this seminar, call (831-475-9600 x 16 or click here. Location: Visual Arts Lecture Hall #1001 6500 Soquel Drive Aptos, CA. Cost: $25.

Ann will help you learn about come up with a unique value proposition to thrive in art business, Develop your unique value proposition, Define your market, Create an action plan for success, Learn a non-traditional approach to successfully marketing art and how you can generate sales even without a gallery, and Up to three students will be selected for a mini marketing makeover in class ($500 value).

Other upcoming Seminars  from Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County (go to for full description and location):

The Art of Fundraising
Thursday, March 30, 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

The Arts of Marketing
Saturday, April 16, 2011- 10 a.m. to 12 noon
Grants Writing Essentials, Part I: The Art of Story-Telling
Friday, May 27, 2011- 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.
Grant Writing Essentials, Part II: The Art of Budgeting
Friday, May 27, 2011 – 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 pm.

Ways to Register: Call (831) 475-9600 x 16 to pay by credit card. Stop by the CCSCC office to make a payment by cash, check or credit card. Visit our website to register online.

Below is one of the many paintings that you will be able to see of Ann’s work at her website,

Swept Vines” Original Oil Vineyard Painting (0447) Framed 16″ x 20″ Study


The wind and the afternoon light swept across this block of Pinot grape vines.” Ann Rea

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Janet Silverglate Guest for 3/22/11

Local artist, dancer, performer, choreographer, educator curator and server, Janet Silverglate was the guest for Artists on Art March 22, 2011. It was a great pleasure to speak to her about her work.

Janet began her studies as an undergraduate in her hometown of Riverside. With a BA in History and Dance, she moved up to the Bay Area where she began dancing and performing professionally. Then, she went back to school and studied for a M.F.A in Dance Performance and Choreography at Mills College. Concurrently she began food service in two of the best restaurants in Oakland Bay Wolf and Nadines. At the former, Janet noticed how much artwork can influence and positively affect a restaurant and dining experience.

She brought all her knowledge to Santa Cruz in the mid-90s. It was tough at first because there was not much modern dance outside of the higher education institutions. At that time, she began to study yoga and pilates and eventually teaching. She also began teaching at UCSC and performing and doing choreography at Cabrillo College.

We talked about Janet’s work curating the local Santa Cruz restaurant, Oswald. For the past two years, since the restaurant opened in its new location, Janet has been creating installations on a monthly basis. She uses the Santa Cruz Open Studios yearly (every October) art tour to find her artists. She looks for paintings that help the overall dining experience. The link will take you to the page that shows all the artists from last year.

The current artist on the walls is Michele Indiana Anderson and has been for March. The next artist Hilary Scardino will be up March 31st through May 5th. Stop in at 121 Soquel Avenue, at Front in downtown Santa Cruz, and peruse the beautiful paintings.

Please take a look at our the little video we took right before our live show.

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Maya Delano Guest for November 2

Local ceramic artist and painter Maya Delano was on Artists on Art show to talk about her art, process and her exhibition, DREAM HOUSE-Subconscious Musings In Acrylic and Clay  beginning  Friday November 5, and running through Dec.1, 2010 at the Santa Cruz Rehearsal Studios at 118 Coral Street, Santa Cruz, CA. The Artist Reception is  Friday the 5th from 6:00pm-9:00pm.  This space is 1 minute walk from the Tannery Art Center. For more information call: (831) 425-7277.  This is an event in association with the November Santa Cruz First Friday Art Tour.

Maya makes art from the subconscious, accessing unique images and ideas from her collage and storyboards. The “Dream House” series is constantly evolving and includes images of kitschy RVs, hot air balloons lost in space, pink helicopters and flying corkscrews.

Here is a sample of work you’ll get to see:

Here’s a twitvid that we took just before the show.

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Sandra Cherk Guest for October 26, 2010

Local painter, artist, educator, Sandy Cherk came onto the Artists on Art show to talk about her upcoming installation in the new Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County exhibition at Santa Cruz County Government Center.

The Exhibit & First Friday Art Tour Reception is at the Santa Cruz County Government Center, located at 701 Ocean St and runs October 25th through December 22nd. (open during business hours)

Come see Sandy’s  paintings, and other artwork by:
Pat Dellum- art glass
Craig Cheatham- photography
Aaron Johnson- wood prints and oil paintings
Mark Gottlieb- photography
The reception for the First Friday Art Tour, November 5th, 5-8pm on the 1st & 5th Floors.

This is her painting from Arana Gulch.
We started the show by talking with the education work Sandy has been doing in our Santa Cruz community, particularly Bay View Elementary, for 10 years since her younger daughter was in first grade.  Sandy has been a tremendous asset for the school and helped create the Bay View Fiesta de las Artes which usually happens the third week of April. For more information, go to the Eddy ( online guide Santa Cruz City School news and events) for early April.
Sandy has a blog, Musings of Sandra Cherk.
Her website is
We talked about this painting her ability to convey the heat of the day through the medium of pastel water color crayon/chalk.
This year was Sandy’s 14th Open Studio. One the aspects that I love about Open Studio is ability for us regular folks to go into artist friends and neighbor’s houses and see how they work, their art practice.  Sandy is exemplar in this practice by showing us the process by which she creates her paintings while creating the space for visitors to touch and feel the pastel chalks she uses.  She wrote a blog that shows this process.
Here’s more examples of her beautiful work:

Path Through Olives – On a pleasant morning walk to the next village.

The photograph below is a picture of Sandy and her family’s village in Greece.
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Serena Di Pinto Guest for Sept. 28, 2010

On September 28, 2010, Serena Di Pinto was the guest for KZSC‘s (UCSC‘s radio station) Artists on Art Radio show.  Serena is a local painter working in abstract.  She is also participating for the first time in this year’s 25th Anniversary of the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County Open Studios Art Tour.  She’s opening up her doors to her studio, along with her husband, Greg Moore.

The tour takes place the first three weekends in October is divided by location between North and South County.  The first weekend is South County. The second is North. And the third “encore” weekend is both.  Serena’s studio is at the 17th Avenue space and therefore in the first weekend South County.  She will also be open for the third encore weekend. From the redwoods to the sea, thousands of art enthusiasts visit with artists in their studios to see the creative process at work.

Our conversation included Serena’s evolution as a painter’s method and medium that was influenced by a head injury.  Serena went from painting figurative and in oils is now a abstract acrylic painter.  Either way, Serena is fascinated by the ability of the mind to create and find new ways of understanding.

Serena’s work is an emotional dialog between illusion and reality, using many translucent layers of color applied using a glazing technique. At first glance, bold streaks of color seem to be popping from a hazy, dreamy background. A closer look reveals that only soft edges appear, further drawing you in to this complexity.  The paintings remind me of Mark Rothko.

Here’s a quick TwitVid we did before the show.

Ann Ostermann Guest for 9/21/10

Ann Ostermann, Open Studio and Outreach Manager for the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County was the guest for KZSC‘s (UCSC‘s radio station) Artists on Art Radio show to talk about the upcoming wonderful events centered around the 25th Anniversary Open Studio Art Tours.  This is the 7th Open Studios for Ann working with the CCSCC.  The CCSCC is celebrating 31 years of existence.  The Santa Cruz County residents and artists are the beneficiaries of this wonderful organization that Ann describes as a marketing program for artists.

The Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County’s Open Studios Art Tour takes place the first three weekends in October. From the redwoods to the sea, thousands of art enthusiasts visit with artists in their studios to see the creative process at work.

We had a wonderful time talking about how the Open Studios began with the relatively new Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County.  This unique Art Tour has been running yearly since in 1986. It is a self-guided tour with 300 studios open throughout Santa Cruz County. Art Tour information is available through the 15-month Artist Guide/Calendar, a Preview Exhibit at the Santa Cruz Art League, and on their website (learn more about event details (PDF). The $20 museum-quality, 15-month Artist Guide/Calendar, available at more than 50 locations in Santa Cruz County, includes a map of Open Studios Locations and contact information for each artist. Calendar sales support production of the event, and benefit local arts and arts learning programs.

The beautiful commemorative poster was done by an artist who has been in every single Open Studios, Liz Lyons Freidman. The image depicts “Studios by the Sea,” and is an incredible work of art revealing some of the diversity and beauty of Santa Cruz County–two striking aspects visitors to Open Studios are sure to experience. The cover image hints at the “ultimate art adventure” in store for Open Studios Art Tour attendees.

This wonderful lino artist, Liz,  will be signing and numbering Supporters Limited Edition posters Thursday, September 23rd from 5-7pm at the York Gallery at 2745 Soquel Avenue, Santa Cruz.  For more information, please call 831-462-0313.

The details for the three weekends and location of the art tours are as follows:
SOUTH COUNTY               October 2 & 3       10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
NORTH COUNTY               October 9 & 10    10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
ENCORE STUDIOS            October 16 & 17   10 am. to 5 p.m.

South County = South of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor
North County = North of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor
Encore Weekend = Encore Studios open in both North and South County.

There are several new events special for the 25th Anniversary tour along with some standards such as getting a sneek preview at the Santa Cruz Art League.  One piece of original art by each of the Open Studios Artists will be on display.  This takes place Saturday, September 25th; the display will continue Sunday the 26th to October 17th at 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz.  For more information please call: (831) 426-5787.  The Santa Cruz Art League hours are: Wednesday 11-5, Thursday 11-7, Friday 11-5,  Saturday & Sunday 10-5. Closed Monday & Tuesday.  The public reception takes place Sunday, September 26th, 3-6 p.m.

The second event is happening for the first time at the brand new Corralitos Cultural Center/Corralitos Artists’ Collective .  This exhibition will feature art from artists with studios in Freedom, Corralitos, La Selva Beach & Watsonville only. This event begins Saturday, September 25th and runs through Sunday, October 17th at 127 Hames Road, Corralitos.  For more information please call:  (831) 254-2669.  The Corralitos Cultural Center house are: Friday 3-6, Saturday & Sunday 12-3. Closed Monday-Thursday.  The public reception takes place on Saturday, September 25th, 3-6 p.m.

Here’s a little twitvid of Ann speaking minutes before our live show:

Nabil Ghachem on Artists on Art for 2/16/10

On February 16, 2010,  the guest for KZSC‘s Artists on Art was Nabil Ghachem,  who is a playwriter/producer/poet/actor/director/performer, basically the epitome of  the hyphenated theater artist.

We spoke of his show, “Of Mint, Olive Oil & Zaatar” that happened Saturday,  February 20, 2010, at the Cabrillo Black Box Theater. This is a Cabrillo College Theatre Arts presentation of the Third Annual Evening of World Theatre and Dance with Mosaic Theatre’s.

Ghachem grew up in a multi-ethnic family and received his theatrical training at the Brussels Theatre Academy.  After working in Brussels, France, Tunisia, Romania, New York, and San Francisco,  he founded Santa Cruz Mosaic Theatre which premiered “Cruz The East Theatre Festival” several years ago.

He is collaborating with Dancer Feliz “Jalilah” Guarino who has a background in ballet, tap, and gymnastics, and at a young age discovered her love for bellydancing.  Guarino has been a part of the local bellydance community for over ten years and performances throughout the Bay Area.

The drama begins when the lives of a poet and a gypsy dancer intersect at a train station.  Stories are shared, recipes are exchanged, borders are falling and the train is leaving the station.  A field guide to human emotions where identity is at the core, “Of Mint, Olive Oil & Zaatar” asks us to examine what constructs identity. “The show questions the meaning of rootedness and identity. Is it about the language one speaks? The books one reads? The passport one holds? The people and things we leave behind?” This is an invitation to redefine boundaries and cross cultural divides,” explains Ghachem.

Mosaic Theatre’s performance  lifts the veil on Arab poetry, showing diverse styles and themes by Arab and Arab-American poets recited in both English as well as Arabic and Farsi, accompanied by Middle-Eastern rhythms and dances. “A lot of people are not aware that Arab-American arts and culture exist in the U.S. with a large body of work in theatre, poetry, music and visual arts,” says Ghachem.

“Thanks to Cabrillo College ’s Evening of World Theatre and Dance, we can educate and raise awareness about other cultures.”

For tickets, please call  479-6331 or go to

Here’s a quick twitvid of Nabil in the KZSC Studio before the show:

Felicia Rice Guest on Artists on Art 1/12/10

For the second show of 2010, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Felicia Rice about her current projects that involve her MOVING PARTS PRESS, a fine art and literary publishing press that she began in the late 70s here in Santa Cruz. Currently, she is involved with two exhibitions one as a curator and the other as a participant.

Ms. Rice collaborates with visual artists, performing artists and writers to create book structures in which word and image meet and merge. She employs traditional typography and bookmaking methods in conjunction with digital technology, bringing the flexibility of screen-based design to the texture and history of the letterpress-printed page.

Our show can be heard in entirety by clicking on the triangle below. [audio:]

Right now, Felicia has an installation at the The Museum of Art & History @ the McPherson Center in the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowships Exhibition. It is  running now through March 14, 2010. This exhibition showcases local artists: the works of William “Skip” Epperson, Felicia Rice, Terri Garland and Daniella Woolf. They are the recipients of the 2008 and 2009 Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship Program at The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. The Rydell Visual Arts Fund was created by Roy and Frances Rydell to promote Santa Cruz County artists and arts organizations.

During the show, Felicia told a wonderful story about one of the pieces in exhibition that involved her father that was a painter . We didn’t get to discuss in great detail one of the other works, a work in progress that she is doing in collaboration with a dream team, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Jennifer A. González,  and Gustavo Vazquez.  When I first saw this “work-in-progress”, I fell in love.  This piece is more than a book it is an museum installation out of box.  I fell in love with this book/alter/suitcase art piece.

The exhibition that we didn’t get to due time  constraints is the exhibition in preparation,  the Book as Medium: Holding/Withholding Text.  Felicia is co-curating with this exhibiton with the Sesnon gallery director, Shelby Graham. The show runs January 27 – March 6, 2010 at the Sesnon Gallery, Porter College, UCSC. The public reception takes place Wednesday, January 27, 5:00-7:00pm.

Below is a little video of Felicia talking more about the Book as Medium: Holding/Withholding Text.

This exhibition Book as Medium: Holding/Withholding Text is an international invitational exhibition featuring 28 book artists. Each of the participants probes issues of content, form, material, collaboration and accessibility with wide ranging results. The exhibition is sponsored by the UCSC Art Department, Charles Griffin Farr Fund, Porter College and Cowell College.

There are related events occurring on Friday, March 5, 2010. First there will be a Bookmaking Demonstration @ Cowell Press: 2:00-3:30pm with Gary Young. There will be a panel discussion @ Cowell Provost House: 4:00-5:30pm with Julie Chen, Harry Reese, Sandra Liddell Reese and Felicia Rice, moderated by Shelby Graham. The Closing Reception is at the Sesnon Gallery: 5:30-6:30pm. Events are free and open to the public.

I hope to have her back on the show one day. We didn’t get to really finish our conversation.

James Aschbacher on Artists on Art for October 6, 2009


On the KZSC radio show for October 6th, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the local painter and muralist James Aschbacher .  Once you’ve seen James’ work, you’ll recognize it forever.  Plus, he has ten murals in Santa Cruz County and several downtown on the corner of Cedar and Walnut, on Plaza Lane and at the corner of Bay and Mission (Bay View Elementary).

media paintings.

Please click here to listen to our radio interview.

To see a twitvid by Allan Lundell of us viewing James’ art at his home for open studio, click here.

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