Irene Lusztig, UCSC film professor, filmmaker, and new media artist

PrintUCSC film professor, filmmaker, media archeologist, and new media artist, Irene Lusztig spoke about curating the latest Sesnon Gallery Exhibition, COMPLICATED LABORS feminism, maternity, and creative practicethat features many practicing feminist artists from the 1969 to today.

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Irene’s film and video work mines old images and technologies for new meanings in order to reframe, recuperate, or reanimate forgotten and neglected histories. Her work can be seen at her website,

COMPLICATED LABORS GALLERY exhibition runs February 5 – March 15, 2014 at the Sesnon Gallery and features work by: Lenka Clayton, Mary Kelly, Natalie Loveless, Irene Lusztig, Jill Miller, Mother Art Collective, Alejandra Herrera Silva, Mierle Laderman Ukeles. The show also features a screening series of work by: Myrel Chernick, Beth Hall and Mark Cooley, Masha Godovannaya, Courtney Kessel, Ellina Kevorkian, Dillon Paul and Linsey Wolkowicz.

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Peter Limbrick

Professor of Film and Digital Media at UCSC, Peter Limbrick spoke with Nada Miljkovic about the 2 day Symposium, Unfixed Itineraries Exhibition: Innovative perspectives on Arab film and visual culture that he co-organized.

This symposium of scholars and artists takes place October 25 — 26, 2013 @ UCSC’s DARC and includes an exhibition of visual art at the Sesnon Art Gallery at UCSC. This event is free and open to the public.

This symposium on Arab film and visual culture emphasizes its plurality, the complex itineraries by which it is produced, and the multiple trajectories through which it can be experienced. Artists and scholars will visit from Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Europe and the US. Work presented will cover a wide area of forms, styles and thematic concerns. Featuring participation and work by: Livia Alexander • Michael Allan • Ahmed Bouanani • Dore Bowen • Ali Cherri • Kay Dickinson • Tarek El-Ariss • Nouri Gana • John Greyson • Lamia Joreige • Hassan Khan • Marie El Khazen • Sunaina Maira • Nabil Maleh • Susette Min • Stefania Pandolfo • Larissa Sansour • Zineb Sedira • Jeffrey Skoller. With special guest: Moumen Smihi

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Inventing the Future of Games Michael Mateas – First of Three Keynotes

First keynote of the “Inventing the Future of Games” Symposium from Friday the 15th of April.

Inventing the Future of Video Games Keynote Michael Mateas from Nada Ammann on Vimeo.

Prof. Maggie Morse on Artists on Art for October 20, 2009

maggiemorseThis show was very special and a thrill to interview the fabulous Maggie Morse.  Back in December of 2006, she’s the person that encouraged me to apply to DANM and get to where I am today.  I would most likely not have a radio show. That’s for sure.

Margaret Morse is a Professor of Film and Digital Media at UCSC and For the last year and a half, Maggie has been Director of the University of California Education Abroad Study Center in Germany 2008-10. She is in town for the ART of COLLABORATION Symposium taking place this Thursday and Friday (October 22 & 23) at the Digital Arts Research Center. She is co-convening with B. Ruby Rich in creating this event. Also, this is the DARC inaugural event.

Prof. Morse is currently researching collaboration in art discourse and practice and exploring cultural changes in Eastern Europe 1989-2009. Her current writing projects include a monograph on Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will and a book on “Art and the Other Senses”.

We had a lot to talk about and as usual not enough time. We went through the entire event’s program. To hear the live broadcast please click here.

Here’s the twitter video that I took right before our show:

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