Jeremy Neuner

Community organizer and CEO of NextSpace, Jeremy Neuner spoke with Nada Miljkovic about the recent publication (McMillan) of his first book that he co-wrote with Ryan Coonerty, The Rise of the Naked Economy.

Jeremy and Ryan will be reading from their book at the Bookshop Santa Cruz, Tuesday, July 16,2013 at 7:30. This event is free and open to the public.

From the recently graduated to the recently laid off, the Rise of the Naked Economy covers how the rise in non-traditional employment calls for a new infrastructure, strategy, and attitude for workers, companies, and communities alike. Through interviews with the people, companies, and policymakers who are leading the change and already profiting from it, this book provides an optimistic, humorous, and inspirational vision for readers who want reclaim their lives and livelihoods.

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Avron Barr on Gamers on Game

 For the November 14, 2011, Gamers on Game show, featured Artificial Intelligence, E-learning and Serious Games expert, Avron Barr.

Avron  is a longtime researcher and implementer of advanced virtual learning systems, an independent consultant for software businesses, writer, director, and DARPA advisor. We discussed the nature and breadth of what’s going in the emerging area of “Serious Games.”

Game technology has been applied to serious activities since teachers discovered they could dramatically impact student involvement in the classroom by replacing flash cards with a Jeopardy-like game. Especially if there was some reward for the winner. Modern game technology, consisting of an expanded collection of tools and methods, is being applied quite seriously to education, corporate and military training, clinical psychology, marketing, rehabilitation therapy, and even social
and political discourse.

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Mike Muldoon

Screen shot 2011-09-13 at 9.48.07 AM

Local Programmer, Code Monkey, and Role Player,  Mike Muldoon came into the KZSC studio for Gamers on Game to save the day.

Mike is one of the founders and CEO of, a website dedicated to finding other gamers throughout the world and a platform for playing paper and pencil role-playing games by using online tools. We talked about his passions, Nerdery, Gaming and Eduction.

Mike and I met at NextSpace Santa Cruz back in 2009 just as he was creating the code for the Infrno Platform which launched a little over a year ago.  Since the launch, Infrno has nearly 5000 world-wide players, video conferencing and whiteboard with logged in over 13,000 hours of game play.

It was a great pleasure to speak with him about the evolution of Infrno and his next big project using the Infrno Platform to help make the world a better place through using games and game dynamics for education.  The inspiration came from a GenCon game entitled National Security Decision Making involving over 100 people that play for 12 hours straight.

This made me think of a serious game created in 2007 entitled, PeaceMaker involving  bringing peace to the Middle East or the agony of plunging the region into disaster.

Infrno Con 3 will be happening October 1st with two 4 hour slots for playing D&D, Pathfinder, Inspectors, Fiasco – Based on Coen Brothers.

Here’s a quick video we took right after our radio interview.

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Graeme Devine on Gamers on Game

Computer programmer, game designer, and founder of Grl Games, Graeme Devine was the guest for Gamers on Game July 25, 2011 to talk his newest electronic game for IPads ‘Full Hand Poker Solitaire.’ Since both co-host Patrick Reilly and Graeme were just there, we also talked about the recent Comi-Con 2011 in San Diego.

Graeme was the lead programmer on the game and on its sequel The 11th Hour. The 7th Guest was a phenomenon, selling 2 million copies, and is credited (along with the game Myst) with encouraging the use of CD-ROM drives for games. He was also one of the forefathers of file compression.

Graeme was born in Glasgow, Scotland and began his career working on the TRS-80 at age 14 in the late 1970s. He joined Atari at age 16 to port their classic game Pole Position to home computers, including the Commodore 64, Apple IIe and ZX Spectrum. He also worked for Lucasfilm‘s Games Division, Activision UK, and Virgin Interactive.

Graeme founded Trilobyte in December 1990 with Rob Landeros. Together, they designed the original concept of the 1992 horror game The 7th Guest. Graeme was the lead programmer on the game and on its sequel The 11th Hour. The 7th Guest was a phenomenon, selling 2 million copies, and is credited (along with the game Myst) with encouraging the use of CD-ROM drives for games.

After a stint with Apple to help them with games on the IOS systems, Graeme began his most recent company and adventure with GRL Games.  To date, he has two games on the ITunes store, Full Deck Solitaire and Full Deck Poker Solitaire.

Along with co-hosts Nada and Pat, Graeme is one of the founders of EGG, a Santa Cruz Electronic Game Gathering with the intentions of bringing together all facets of game lovers from developers, creators, researchers and players on a monthly basis in Santa Cruz California. Our next gathering is August 25 at NextSpace Santa Cruz at 6:00pm with special host, Limbic Software.

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Timerie Gordon and Christian Nielsen

Local artist partners and collaborators Timerie Gordon and Christian Nielsen were on Artists on Art March 8, 2011. These two multi-disciplinarians talked about their work using architecture, industrial designing, site specific installation pieces and concepts to think outside the box at their design firm Nielsen Architects and Design Studio at NextSpace and Timerie Designs in Santa Cruz.
On a side note, Timerie and Christian were in the group of first members at NextSpace.
This pair has worked with a lot of local businesses such as:
The Penny Ice Creamery,
Legs by Sock Shop and Co,
New Street Dental, Dr. Gavin McClure
L’Atelier Salon
and L’Atelier Day Spa: opening April 19th, 2011,
Soif Wine Bar and Merchant,
La Posta Restaurant,
Motion Pacific Dance Studio, to name a few.

Here is a great article about the team Santa Cruz Next.  

Timerie works as the Creative Consultant for City of Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency. She consults in various creative capacities for retail businesses, non-profits and city entities using her ability to “think outside the box” to problem solve and help clarify and realize goals.

We had a great talk.  One of my last questions was to Christian about the current project dancing in his head. He replied seeing the riverway really activated and going from being invisible to being a central urban corridor with river-facing development, pedestrian activity, events.  They saw it happen in Rhode Island. It  can and should happen here.

Below is a little video we took before the show:

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Stephen Hosmer Guest on Artist on Art for 6/15/10

Santa Cruz local artist, Steve Hosmer, was the guest for the the June 15th live broadcast of UCSC’s KZSC’s Artists on Art show to talk about the art of signs and posters design.

Are signs propaganda?

It was great talking to him because as a member of NextSpace I am surrounded by his bold artwork every working day.

The following pictures of his work were taken at NextSpace.

During the show, we spoke of how Steve got into this art form. His career in art and sign making began when he was working as a waiter at the Chart House in Los Gatos and the owner asked that he make a parking sign.  He did and the owner loved it.  

Hence began  a new career in Pleasure Point where he was already making stained glass windows.

In 1984 his neighbor, Harry Stokes, retired and Steve took over the business, Stokes Signs at the Sash Mill where business still resides.  Through hard work and a lot of lessons learned, since then, Steve has built a successful and prolific business.  His signs are all over Santa Cruz.

Five years ago, Steve began making poster art as a way to continue revenue on his work.  Signs generally are a one time fee and payment.

To date, he has created over 40 local paintings, including Elkhorn Slough, the Boardwalk’s ferris wheel, the Santa Cruz wharf and Bonny Doon, to name just a few. He credits two German artists as his inspiration — Ludwig Hohlwein and Lucien Bernhard.

For more information about about Steve Hosmer’s work and Stokes Signs, please go to

If  you want to see his studio and witness  the process, you’re in luck.  Steve partakes in Open Studios.  This year the event will take place the first three weekends in October.  This year is particularly special because it is the will be the 25th  year of Open Studios put on by the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County.

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The following is a twitvid we took before the show:

More art by guest, Steve Hosmer.

Hike California is a series  of posters being designed for
The State of California Santa Cruz.

Photo Credits:  Seabright lighthouse , Both  and Westside rainbow from Seabright Beach

My daughter, Justine, is the model on the bike for this years and last years  logo for the Tour of California.

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