Angela Blessing


12028738_1073152542718165_4873439738874437669_oOn October 1st, local artist, Angela Blessing, came into the KZSC Studio to talk about her art as a jewelry maker and her participation in this year’s Open Studio Art Tour. Angela makes jewelry for personal empowerment and connection to your true essence. She will be opening up her studio and showcasing her timeless, magical, hand-crafted art jewelry originals. No two works are ever the same, and each has a story and special medicine to share.

Open Studio Art Tour is a yearly self-guided studio tour of 300 artist studios across Santa Cruz County during the first three weekends in October. hosted by the Arts Council of Santa Cruz12000929_1073152586051494_8567276916539320394_o

North County October 3rd & 4th
South County October 10th & 11th
Encore October 17th & 18th
11am – 5pm

Preview Exhibit September 26th – October 18th
Preview Exhibit Public Reception September 27th, 3-6pm
Santa Cruz Art League, 526 Broadway

The County are divided by North County that includes studios north of the Yacht Harbor: Santa Cruz, Davenport, Bonny Doon, Boulder Creek, Brookdale, Ben Lomond, Felton, and Scotts Valley.

South County includes studios south of the Yacht Harbor: Live Oak, Capitola, Soquel, Aptos, Freedom, La Selva Beach, Corralitos, and Watsonville.

This year the tour is different because Arts Council of Santa Cruz has  partnered with Good Times and our circle of Angel Investors to completely rework the Open Studios business model. What does this mean? A free Artist Guide for you, in the September 30th issue of Good Times, or a dramatically discounted Guide or App for just $5. They are working to make Open Studios truly open, for friends, neighbors, and anyone who lives, works, or plays in Santa Cruz County. Pick up a Guide, buy the app, or just wander in where you see the green signs.


Michael Villareal

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 11.31.38 AMMulti-Media Artist, Michael Villareal came on Artist on Art at KZSC October 9. 2013 to talk about his painting and participating for the first in the Open Studio Art Tour of Santa Cruz County.

Michael’s paintings are moments of time, each having its own story in the style of representational art a little Hopper in space and color and little Maxfield Parrish in terms of illumination.

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Ann Osterman, James Aschbacher & Mickey Singer

jaOn October 2, 2013, the Santa Cruz Open Studio Team came onto Artist on Art to talk about their art work and the 28th Open Studio by the Arts Council of Santa Cruz. As the Director, this is the 10th Art Tour for Ann Ostermann. Wood sculptor, furniture artist, Mickey Singer is on the Board of Open Studio and has been for 5 years. Painter, Muralist, Spectra Art Artist – Teacher, James Aschbacher has been opening up his home for the Open Studio Art Tour for 23 years. He has also been on the Board for 9 years.

msThe Open Studio Art Tour of Santa Cruz is happening October 5 & 6 for the North County, the October 12 & 13 for the South County, with Encore Weekend, October 19 & 20 with 260 of the 300 artists opening their studio up to guests. See where the artists work, their materials and process and get to talk to them first hand.

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Janet Silverglate Guest for 3/22/11

Local artist, dancer, performer, choreographer, educator curator and server, Janet Silverglate was the guest for Artists on Art March 22, 2011. It was a great pleasure to speak to her about her work.

Janet began her studies as an undergraduate in her hometown of Riverside. With a BA in History and Dance, she moved up to the Bay Area where she began dancing and performing professionally. Then, she went back to school and studied for a M.F.A in Dance Performance and Choreography at Mills College. Concurrently she began food service in two of the best restaurants in Oakland Bay Wolf and Nadines. At the former, Janet noticed how much artwork can influence and positively affect a restaurant and dining experience.

She brought all her knowledge to Santa Cruz in the mid-90s. It was tough at first because there was not much modern dance outside of the higher education institutions. At that time, she began to study yoga and pilates and eventually teaching. She also began teaching at UCSC and performing and doing choreography at Cabrillo College.

We talked about Janet’s work curating the local Santa Cruz restaurant, Oswald. For the past two years, since the restaurant opened in its new location, Janet has been creating installations on a monthly basis. She uses the Santa Cruz Open Studios yearly (every October) art tour to find her artists. She looks for paintings that help the overall dining experience. The link will take you to the page that shows all the artists from last year.

The current artist on the walls is Michele Indiana Anderson and has been for March. The next artist Hilary Scardino will be up March 31st through May 5th. Stop in at 121 Soquel Avenue, at Front in downtown Santa Cruz, and peruse the beautiful paintings.

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Lynn Guenther – Guest for 11/23/10

On November 23rd, I had the pleasure of interviewing local artist, Lynn Guenther.  Over the years, I was familiar with Lynn’s work as art educator and advocate. This year, I made it to Lynn’s Open Studios and was introduced to her amazing talents as jewelry maker, painter, journal artist, designer, and metalworker.

I first met Lynn  as teacher of SPECTRA classes and after-school art programs at  Bay View Elementary. During our interview, I found out that she serves our broader Santa Cruz community as well. She is active in supporting art in the local public schools with vigorous fundraising, as well as organizing special art events such as the River Arts Festival and, with Sandra Cherk,  Bay View Elementary’s, Fiesta de las Artes. This is one of my favorite hands-on art events in the area, along with Ceram-A-rama.

Lynn also teaches ecology to our young people through art. Her “Art and Nature Classes” have been successfully acquainting young people with their local environment and teaching them inspirational techniques for illustrating and writing about “their place”.

This past Open Studio Art Tour, I met Lynn in her element, her home and studio.  It was a pleasure to see the place of process and inspiration for this amazing artist.  Her jewelry is greatly inspired by an apprenticeship with Native American artists, Little Patty and Michael Kioboti, and learned hand-fabricated techniques such as metal etching, stamping, and silver overlay, along with the expressive traditions of tribal culture. She creates contemporary wearable artworks with ancient meanings, timeless designs meant to build a bridge across world cultures.

Lynn also composes illustration journals filled with hand drawings and watercolor. Her formal educational background is in Illustration and Design (BFA from Michigan SU) .  During her Open Studio, I spoke with Lynn’s partner Luis who explained her process of quickly recording real-time events in her journals. Then later when she has time, she goes back over the sketches painting washes. I enjoyed learning about the Lynn’s artistic practice mediated by her partner.

Lynn will be selling her wearable art for three consecutive weekends at various holiday faires.  She began at the Fort Mason (SF) Celebration of Craftswomen Saturday and Sunday November 27 & 28th, 2010 at the Herbst Pavillion. The following weekend will be the Art in the Cellars at the Bargetto Winery at Main Street, Saturday and Sunday, December 4 & 5 from 10-5pm. Lastly, Lynn will be at KPFA Community Craft’s Artwork at the Concourse in  San Francisco happening December 11 & 12th from 10 to 6pm.

Here are just a few of her beautiful wearable art.  You can see more of her work on her website:

She can be contacted via E-mail or phone:  831.425.0574

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Serena Di Pinto Guest for Sept. 28, 2010

On September 28, 2010, Serena Di Pinto was the guest for KZSC‘s (UCSC‘s radio station) Artists on Art Radio show.  Serena is a local painter working in abstract.  She is also participating for the first time in this year’s 25th Anniversary of the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County Open Studios Art Tour.  She’s opening up her doors to her studio, along with her husband, Greg Moore.

The tour takes place the first three weekends in October is divided by location between North and South County.  The first weekend is South County. The second is North. And the third “encore” weekend is both.  Serena’s studio is at the 17th Avenue space and therefore in the first weekend South County.  She will also be open for the third encore weekend. From the redwoods to the sea, thousands of art enthusiasts visit with artists in their studios to see the creative process at work.

Our conversation included Serena’s evolution as a painter’s method and medium that was influenced by a head injury.  Serena went from painting figurative and in oils is now a abstract acrylic painter.  Either way, Serena is fascinated by the ability of the mind to create and find new ways of understanding.

Serena’s work is an emotional dialog between illusion and reality, using many translucent layers of color applied using a glazing technique. At first glance, bold streaks of color seem to be popping from a hazy, dreamy background. A closer look reveals that only soft edges appear, further drawing you in to this complexity.  The paintings remind me of Mark Rothko.

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Stephen Hosmer Guest on Artist on Art for 6/15/10

Santa Cruz local artist, Steve Hosmer, was the guest for the the June 15th live broadcast of UCSC’s KZSC’s Artists on Art show to talk about the art of signs and posters design.

Are signs propaganda?

It was great talking to him because as a member of NextSpace I am surrounded by his bold artwork every working day.

The following pictures of his work were taken at NextSpace.

During the show, we spoke of how Steve got into this art form. His career in art and sign making began when he was working as a waiter at the Chart House in Los Gatos and the owner asked that he make a parking sign.  He did and the owner loved it.  

Hence began  a new career in Pleasure Point where he was already making stained glass windows.

In 1984 his neighbor, Harry Stokes, retired and Steve took over the business, Stokes Signs at the Sash Mill where business still resides.  Through hard work and a lot of lessons learned, since then, Steve has built a successful and prolific business.  His signs are all over Santa Cruz.

Five years ago, Steve began making poster art as a way to continue revenue on his work.  Signs generally are a one time fee and payment.

To date, he has created over 40 local paintings, including Elkhorn Slough, the Boardwalk’s ferris wheel, the Santa Cruz wharf and Bonny Doon, to name just a few. He credits two German artists as his inspiration — Ludwig Hohlwein and Lucien Bernhard.

For more information about about Steve Hosmer’s work and Stokes Signs, please go to

If  you want to see his studio and witness  the process, you’re in luck.  Steve partakes in Open Studios.  This year the event will take place the first three weekends in October.  This year is particularly special because it is the will be the 25th  year of Open Studios put on by the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County.

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More art by guest, Steve Hosmer.

Hike California is a series  of posters being designed for
The State of California Santa Cruz.

Photo Credits:  Seabright lighthouse , Both  and Westside rainbow from Seabright Beach

My daughter, Justine, is the model on the bike for this years and last years  logo for the Tour of California.

Ann Thiermann on Artist on Art 10/13/09

Picture 4The show for Oct. 13 was an interesting and exciting night due to an incredible tropical storm that dumped tremendous amounts of rain.  Also, the Emergency Broadcast System’s interrupted the show at the very beginning.  Frankly, I didn’t know what to do.  We were having flash floods here in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

We talked about Ann’s upcoming show ” Visual Conversations with Women in the Arts” that happened October 18- December 4, 2009 with the opening reception Sunday, October 25, 2-4pm at the Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery at Cowell College.

Ann in the KZSC studio.

3/11/10 Update: In case you missed the exhibit last year, 2009, luckily, you get another opportunity.

Ann’s show is continuing with the PVAC (Pajaro Valley Arts Council)  at the Pajaro Valley Arts Gallery, March 11 – May 2nd.  Here’s the link for more information, Pajaro Valley Gallery.  The Opening Reception is March 21st from 3-5pm.

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Ann has painted portraits of local Santa Cruz women artists since 2005. The conversation began with a portrait of Ann Dizikes that was set next to her weaving.

She continued doing portraits the evolved to include the following women artists: Jody Alexander – book binder, Linda Arnold and Ariel Thiermann – singer/folk musicians, Tandy Beal – dancer/choreographer,  Martha Cassanave – photographer, Ann Dizikes – weaver, Susan Else: textile sculptor, Jane Gregorius: printmaker, Christianna Hunnicutt – clay sculptor, Rebecca Jackson – violinist, Marilyn Kuksht – metal sculptor, Njeri McGilliaddy – ceramicist, Margaret More – lace maker, Shelley Phillips – folk musician, Rose Sellery – sculpture & wearable art, Robynn Smith – painter/printmaker, Linda Watson – metalsmith/jeweler, and last but not least Vlada Volkova-Moran: organist/pianist.

Artists on Art for 9/29/9 Guest Mike Bailey

MikeMy guest artist is Mike Bailey.  His work can be seen at

For the past year, he has been the number one vice president of the National Watercolor Society or NWS.  We had a really fun interview talking about Mike’s evolution to being a full-time artist.  We also spoke about this weekend’s beginning of the three week Santa Cruz Open Studios Art Tour.

If you would like to listen to our interview, please click here.

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