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Micah Ofstedahl is a local multi-media artist that is currently painting and drawing surreal images of the microscopic on a macroscopic level. I had the pleasure of seeing his work a few months ago at the Windmill Cafe. His images are unforgettable.

Micah will be participating in this year’s 26th Annual Open Studios Art Tour put on by the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County for the second time.  You will be able to see Micah’s work along with three other artists in a studio on Graham Hill Road.

The tour dates are:
October 1st & 2nd  for the  North County  which is north of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, October 8th & 9th for the South County which is south of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor and October 15th & 16th which is the Encore weekend for those artists that want to do it in both North & South County. The New Studios Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To find out where all the artists will be showing, purchase an art tour guide and calendar at many participating stores and outlets across the County. 

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Linda Kimball Grace – Guest for May 24, 2011

Multi-media artist Linda Kimball Grace came on to KZSC’s Artists on Art for May 24, 2011. She has an upcoming exhibition, “Walls, Weeds and Wonderment” at the Windmill Cafe for the entire month of June. This art show will feature paintings, poems and photographs.

The paintings are large format, transformational paintings that shift from abstract to spontaneous form that communicates the spiritual side of Linda. Linda talked about her painting practice and guidance from Majio of Anavami Studio, her teacher for over six years. Majio uses meditation and hypo-therapy to create a space for participants to tap into their subconscious and bring up whatever with acrylic paints onto a black felt screen.

The poems and photographs come from a car trip Linda took last year to New Mexico. The poems came to her before she had barely left Santa Cruz County and continue to visit her to today.  She read several of them during our show.

Linda is a long-time local who has lived in Santa Cruz since the late 70s. She graduated from UCSC in Politics and Economics and has a Masters in City and Regional Planning from UC Berkeley. After a career in community and economic development, Linda turned to art as an entrepreneur. She co-founded and operated the Cayuga Vault, promoting music, art and culture for over a decade. Behind the scenes, she is a massage therapist , a student of spirituality and a lover of art.

To hear our interview,  please press play: [haiku url=”http://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/miljkovicaudio/old_public_html/nada/aoa52411.mp3″ title=”Chip Lord” graphical=”true”]

P-sign Paul House Guest for 2/22/11

Taken by Gabrielle Cianfrani

Local artist, musician, theater person and sand drawer, Paul House came up to the station to talk about his upcoming photograph installation and opening reception at the Windmill Cafe, March 4th.

Paul has been creating giant sand drawings at several beaches in Santa Cruz for nearly a decade. He was inspired to pick up the stick and draw by the sadness of war, particularly the US in Iraq.

The picture on the side was taken by a facebook friend while on a trip from New Jersey in ’08. How small the world?  This coincidence epitomizes the strength in the symbology of Paul’s art and its ability to move people deeply.

We talked about Paul’s beginnings of practicing this art that gets swept away, an impermanence that is site specific, activist and dialogic.  He shared stories of people walking away changed after speaking with him.

The photographs of Paul’s sand drawings will begin hanging at the Windmill Cafe (our local purveyor of great healthy food and art gallery for the mind)  March 1st and be up for the duration of the month.

The reception is March 4, 2011 at 7pm (a part of our First Friday Art tour – a fabulous Santa Cruz tradition) at 21231 East Cliff Drive near 13th. For more information visit the Windmill Cafe and/or call 831-464-4698.

Here’s a little movie about P-sign Paul that was done a few years ago by Santa Cruz CCTV.

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Abbie Rabinowitz – 12/14/10

Local painter, designer and multi-media artist, Abbie Rabinowitz.  She works in expressive Pleinair Landscapes, Watercolors, Oils and Sensual Figurative Art.

Abbie came into the KZSC station on a cold and rainy night to talk about the upcoming exhibition opening at the Windmill Cafe of “For the Lingerie Ladies” An art and poetry and multimedia performance this Friday, December 17th 4pm-7pm at the Windmill Cafe, 21231 East Cliff Drive Santa Cruz, CA.  For more information call 831.464.4698. Everyone is welcome.

This collaborative multi-media piece began as a when local poet JJ Webb, Aka Beau Blue, wanted to put images to his poetry to create a movie.  Abbie and JJ met. She showed him her artwork. He loved her paintings and away they went. Abbie created new illustrations for JJ’s haiku poems that were then animated and set to original music. The video, created by Sun and Al Lundell, can be viewed on YouTube, for the Lingerie Ladies.

It was destiny for Abbie to become an artist beginning with her childhood and having working artist parents. She continued honing her craft and talent by earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts from SUNY College at Purchase. She works in a variety of mediums including oils, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, paper maché, and wood. She has participated in the CCSCC Open Studios Art Tour the last couple of years. We talked a bit about the Tannery Arts Community as well.

Abbie’s work that can be found at her website: AbbieRabinowitz.com.
The following video of Abbie talking and showing her work was also produced by Sun Lundell.

If you missed any part of the live broadcast, you can hear the whole show by clicking on the play icon below.

Iris Irina Silva Guest on Artists on Art May 18, 2010

Artist, painter, sculptor, educator, shaman, and performer, Iris Irina Silva, of Elemental Art Studio, was the guest for Artists on Art for the May 18th show.She combines art with intentional based prayer and vibrational awareness.

We spoke of her art installation at the Windmill Cafe that began May 2 and runs through June 9th.  May 21, 2010 at 6:00pm was the opening reception.

The Windmill Cafe is at 2-1231 East Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA.

We spoke of her background both as artist and shaman as well as the spiritual aspect to her art practice beginning with childhood in Rome, Italy, Ethiopia and travels across the African continent. Prior to the opening reception, she created an art performance ritual that was to be filmed and included at the art show.

The purpose of the ritual was to intentionally “charge” each art piece with a high based vibrational healing energy. This will be done through chanting, movement, mediation and prayer in a spiral based mapping. Iris is reintroducing pagan and tribal art making into contemporary mainstream art.

For more information about Iris’ artwork and education, please go to her website: irisexpression.com.

If you missed the live broadcast,  you can listen to our show in entirety by clicking on the triangle below. [audio: http://www.miljkovic.org/old_public_html/nada/aoa51810.mp3].

Here’s a twitvid of us in the studio.

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