The Sad Song Project

The Fifth Sad Song Project continues tonight at 120 Pearl Alley for March’s First Friday Santa Cruz Art Tour. Party begins @ 6pm w/ Evolve showing photographs by Claire Cassidy @ 6:30pm Music by James Robinson with Suzy Q and Santa Cruz Sad Song Project @ 8pm. Happy FirstFriday Santa Cruz.

The Sad Song Project at the SC MAH October 21, 2011

The Sad Song Project experiments with new digital art media through the employment of song, video, and social networking, with the intention of creating connections and collaboration. The project emerged from the concept of singing and listening for catharsis that allows individuals to let go of the pain accumulated through the act of living for a moment.  It is also singing a memory to those individuals who were wrongly incarcerated in the walls of the museum that was once the County jail.

The Sad Song Project aims to create a sense of how conceptual art and technology can support the belief that art is inextricably bound to the promise of a better world.

Come share the saddest song you know and help the Santa Cruz community feel a little better while contributing to The Santa Cruz Sad Song Archive.

This work could not have been created without the generosity and talent of many people: Master Guitarist – David Thomas, Media Makers -Sun and Allan Lundell, Choreographer and Stage Suggestions – Tandy Beal, Master Seamstress – Burgundi ThurOaks, Husband and Box Builder – Matthew J. Ammann, Ritual Helpers Eva Miljkovic-Ammann and Sasha Miljkovic, plus all the people that came and sang out their hearts and soul for us.

List of Appearances:
First Sad Song, October Third Friday @ the SC MAH
Second Sad Song, the December 2011 First Friday
Third Sad Song, February 2012 First Friday @ Pearl Alley
Fourth Sad Song, February 2012 Third Friday @ the SC MAH
Fifth Sad Song, March First Friday

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