Nada Miljkovic interviewing at Tandy Beal and Production HereAfterHere

Video marketing for Artists Services

Nada Miljkovic interviewing at Tandy Beal and Production HereAfterHere

Art marketing with Video

Artists can use video to improve marketing, brand exposure, feature upcoming art shows and events, and reach audiences all over the world.
It is estimated that 68% of all Internet users in the U.S. watch video. This creates an amazing opportunity and different medium to showcase your work as an artist.

Using video to market and promote your art online is a very useful and effective strategy.

Videos are a powerful search engine marketing and social media tool, yet many artists do not take advantage of this medium. It is a great way to set yourself apart and get noticed across the web and world. Recently, Google has updated their algorithm to favor websites that include videos in their content.

As the founder of Artist on Art, I help artists express themselves via various forms of multi-media such as radio, video, and photography.  I use a variety of methods to capture images and video to help you display your art in a manner in which you could present your best pieces and discuss your inspiration, as well as deliver your message in an educational manner. There are several kinds of video styles that I can help you integrate into the video we create in order to help you increase your exposure, build your brand, and get more business.

How can you as an artist get in on the surge in video?

Here are four examples of video styles, that artists can create to help promote themselves on YouTube, Vimeo and across the web:

  1. Show your work.  If you are camera shy, no problem. We can create a slide show of sorts that displays your art, your studio, work in progress, photos, etc. We also can create a time lapse of your work in progress.
  2. Show yourself while working and creating. People often like to see “an artist at work.” We can set up a camera to capture you drawing, painting or sculpting while the film is rolling. One creative idea includes speeding up the video to make it look like you are working at top speed and add audio or music to go along with it.  Let’s come up with an idea that suits your individual style and comfort.
  3. Promote your events. Are you a gallery artist looking to do more shows? If you are a local artist in California, we can shoot video of you at an opening, mingling with others, showing your art on the wall, individual testimonials of the art from gallery visitors; these are just examples to show you, as the artist, and your art . We can help you use that to promote yourself for future events. We can do the same for commission work, craft fairs, public speaking, radio shows, etc. We can show you and your work in action to help others visualize you in action.  This may help others get an idea of your technique and may lead to more commission work.
  4. Have some fun in your video! Have you ever noticed that the videos people share the most are videos that make you laugh? Or videos that catch your attention by comparing unusual things? What can you do to make a viral video (meaning people keep sharing it on facebook, youtube or via other social media platforms!) that showcases your art? Should you poof a famous commercial or skit?  Let’s create something sophisticated or comical!  I can help you align your personality with your art and your brand.

Display your art in a manner that creates interest to your audience.

I work in collaboration with you, the artist, to help you display your art form.

Nada with camera marketing for artists

Benefits of Video marketing for Artists

Displaying your art on video and adding music or your voice can make the painting or art come alive. Creating a video for your art can be used with the aim of conveying a fuller sense of the emotional nature of the exhibition’s subject matter. For instance, choosing a certain audio sound or song can help create a certain mood or feeling. This can help you portray the theme of the piece or exhibition to your audience in a more engaging manner.

Videos can capture attention and add interest to your blog and website as well. You can link your videos to Twitter and facebook. Video is a more personal way for people to get to know, like, and trust you. People do business with people they trust and like.  Here are few reasons why video is a good tool for marketing your art:

  • Video can help more people find out about you and your art.  Recently, Youtube has surpassed yahoo as the second largest search engine that people use to search for information on the web.
  • People like to share videos more than articles.
  • Our culture is drawn to moving pictures, and video is fast.
  • Video adds a dimension that can really speed up the trust building process.
  • Video is also helpful if you are better at speaking than writing.
  • Video can display your art in a manner that creates interest to others.

Displaying art in an educational manner

Want to teach people how to paint in oil or acrylic or make sculptures?  We specialize in making high-definition, multi-media, tutorial-style, educational art videos for artists. As an example, we could help you make professional how-to tutorial videos, where you can reveal and teach people how to paint a classical oil painting or teach drawing techniques.

We could help you create series of high definition videos where you can show your students, step-by-step your artistic processes. They will discover the full process of artworks creation by watching you (the artist) in action. The experience is as good as if they were sitting next to you in real life. If you are a talented artist why not make a name for yourself and teach other people some of your gifts?  Do you have a website? If not we can help you with that. Our Partnered website specializes in search engine friendly web design. You will be able to sell these tutorial videos on your website to your fans and aspiring new artists.

Video production consultation services for tech-savvy, do-it-yourself artists

Would you like to know how to produce videos for yourself? I can show you how to create, edit, and publish your creating using a high definition video camera, or a mobile device like your iPhone or your iPad.

Do you live in Santa Cruz or anywhere in the Bay Area? I will be teaching you the art of video creation in a class setting.  Visit my Upcoming Events to Find out more.

Contact me for more information about individual consultations or interest in my classes.

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