jaOn October 2, 2013, the Santa Cruz Open Studio Team came onto Artist on Art to talk about their art work and the 28th Open Studio by the Arts Council of Santa Cruz. As the Director, this is the 10th Art Tour for Ann Ostermann. Wood sculptor, furniture artist, Mickey Singer is on the Board of Open Studio and has been for 5 years. Painter, Muralist, Spectra Art Artist – Teacher, James Aschbacher has been opening up his home for the Open Studio Art Tour for 23 years. He has also been on the Board for 9 years.

msThe Open Studio Art Tour of Santa Cruz is happening October 5 & 6 for the North County, the October 12 & 13 for the South County, with Encore Weekend, October 19 & 20 with 260 of the 300 artists opening their studio up to guests. See where the artists work, their materials and process and get to talk to them first hand.

To hear the interview, please click on the two grey buttons below:


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