Dancers & Choreographers Cid Pearlman and Collette Kollewe came into KZSC to talk about the newest CID PEARLMAN PERFORMANCE, Economies of Effort: 3 at the Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz.

The Show dates are March 17-20 & March 24-27, 7:30 & 9:30pm.

It’s free admission and reservations suggested and entry is limited to 35 people per performance.
Go to cidpearlman.org to reserve your spot.

To hear our interview, press the play button below.

3d8353_1f1656e3c53a41178826bbe31f786f16Economies of Effort: 3 – Free Performances in Santa Cruz & SF
March 17 – March 27
Mar 17 at 7:30 PM to Mar 27 at 10:15 PM at the Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz & Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco

Cid Pearlman to Debut Final Work in ‘ECONOMIES’ Trilogy at Felix Kulpa Gallery.

Cid Pearlman Performance and Felix Kulpa Gallery have announced the world premiere of ECONOMIES OF EFFORT: 3, the third and final work in a triptych of performance installations on the theme of “economy.”

ECONOMIES OF EFFORT: 3 opens at the Felix Kulpa Gallery in Santa Cruz, Thursday, March 17, and runs two weekends through March 27. It continues at the Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco, Friday to Saturday, April 8 – 9. Two shows are offered nightly at 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm both in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. All performances are free to the public, but reservations are recommended. To reserve a space, visit cidpearlman.org.

Created in a collaboration between veteran dance maker Cid Pearlman and visual artist Robbie Schoen, ECONOMIES OF EFFORT: 3 presents an immersive, free-form experience inside a space ordered into multiple “micro-worlds.” Audience members are invited to move freely between simultaneous areas of activity — of dancing, building, printmaking, stacking firewood and more. Anchoring each performance area will be found art, design and installations by Schoen.

Like the first two events in this series, ECONOMIES OF EFFORT: 3 is governed by “the idea that we derive power and agency from making things,” says Pearlman. “Some things we make are tangible, and some, like dances, are by definition ephemeral. Part of my interest in creating this series was to situate dance within the larger sphere of art-making, and in so doing to open the door to audiences that may not normally attend a dance concert.”

ECONOMIES OF EFFORT: 1 premiered one year ago in San Francisco, and was followed by ECONOMIES OF EFFORT: 2, commissioned by Sõltumatu Tantsu Ühendus in Estonia. Culminating the series, ECONOMIES OF EFFORT: 3 involves an enlarged ensemble of 15 performers representing three generations, including one of the Estonian artists who participated in the second installment.

Asked how and why tickets for ECONOMIES OF EFFORT: 3 are free, Pearlman answers: “In the same way that we wanted to make the process of mounting a show less effortful for the artists, we now want to make it less effortful for the audience. To be plain, the cost of buying a ticket is for many people prohibitive, and so it’s a special pleasure to be able to remove that barrier. In fact, we’re calling 2016 the ‘Year of Free.’ Thanks to a combination of grants, generous donors, and good thrift, all of the presentations we make this year will be free of charge.”


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