Tonight, this week’s Gamers on Game will feature Lisa Christensen of Santa Cruz Aerial Playground to talk about Dance Trapeze Workshops with Elizabeth Ng happening Saturday and Sunday, Oct 20 and 21 3-5pm at the Aerial Playground in the Ow Building on Mission Extension on the Westside formerly known as  “Wrigley Building”.

The low-flying trapeze is a very mobile trapeze hung from a single point so that the bar and ropes form a triangle. A swivel at the point allows a person to spin, spiral, sail and fly in circles or straight lines. Beginners can enjoy the sensation of flying right away. As dancers gain skills and strength they learn to interchange tone and tricks with flow and release while moving between the bar, ropes and floor allowing for a dynamic dance-flying experience.

Saturday workshop is an introduction to single-point low-flying trapeze. Open to all experience levels. $30

Sunday workshop is a lab to expand on material from Saturday workshop and to explore the dynamic movement of the low-flying trapeze through short dance sequences. Open to those with some aerial experience and anyone who took the Saturday workshop. $30

To register or for more information contact Elizabeth thought quite a bit about maximum of pleasure for the least amount of pain.

To hear our Gamers on Game broadcast, please click the gray ‘play’ button below: [haiku url=”″ title=”Consuelo Alba” graphical=”true”]


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