In anticipation of this week’s inaugural TEDxSantaCruz event, Artists on Art had as a guest one of the artist-presenter musician and educator, David Wish.

We began our conversation with an explanation of David’s organization, Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that funds and operates one of the largest, free instrumental music programs in U.S. public schools, and provides free instruments and curriculum. David has initiated and managed the launch of campaigns to restore and revitalize music education for more than 160,000 low-income children in more than 25 cities all across the US. He is the founder and executive director.

When I asked how long Little Kids Rock has been in existence, David replied that it depends upon how you count it. Little Kids Rock is ten years old. The idea really began 20 years ago when he first began his teaching career in a small school in California. The school had many challenges including no music program. One day, he began teaching his first grade class how to play the guitar. His methodology, borne out of the belief that music should be taught in the same order as language acquisition, caught on quickly at the school. So much so that David had to get other teachers to help teach. His hands-on experience and innovative methodology is used in Little Kids Rock programs.

Also, David’s methodology is not just for kids. He can also teach adults. At the At the Little Kids Rock YouTube Channel there over two hundred videos that teach you how to play different instruments such as the guitar, drums, and bass.

To hear our interview,  press the play button: [haiku url=”″ title=”Chip Lord” graphical=”true”]

Here are some videos of Little Kids Rock:

Here what the kids have to say:

This is an introductory Little Kids Rock video:

David is a credentialed teacher in the state of California and holds B.A. in sociology and history from Brandeis University. He also is as a multi-talented musician, playing the guitar, piano, drums and several other instruments.


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