aoa10279On October 27, 2009, I had the pleasure to interview a music improviser, video producer, and event director specializing in spontaneous multiplayer, multi-location, music improvisations over the Internet, Synthia Payne. She is also a fellow DANM graduate.

She brought along into the studio her music collaborator Anthony Cordott.  He is a composer, lyricist,  musician and online musical improviser.

Among other topic such as the experience of online musical collaboration, we spoke of the tools used in this cutting edge interactive “virtual” musical performances the tools, servers and programs used.  A free public server is Nimbot, the uses the program Nimjam. This system has around one measure of latency.  For a private professional high end system and possibly less latency time, they also use Jamink and JackTrip that were developed at Stanford at the CCRMA (the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics).

Please click here to listen to our recorded live broadcast.

I feel really lucky to interview Synthia because she is leaving Santa Cruz for Colorado shortly.  We’ll miss her and hopefully she’ll be back soon.


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