World famous Eco-Artists and UC Professors,  Helen and Newton Harrison are the guests for KZSC radio show, Artist on Art on the November 7, 2011 to talk with the show host, Nada Miljkovic.

Harrisons talked about their long and illustrious Art career by giving a brief history of projects from the late 60s into the now. We talked about a current exhibition and installation at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno entitled “Sierra Nevada”. As usual to their art practice, for this project, the Harrisons collaborated with paleoecologists, earth systems scientists, and visualization scientists, art resources in Reno, as well as UCSC DANM MFA graduate students, to produce their large-scale, community-oriented, and sustainability-driven art.

Future Garden Part 1: The Endangered Meadows of Europe, 1996-1998, Bonn, Germany

We also talked about their new research center at UCSC in the DANM department, the Center for Force Majeure Studies. The Center enables artists and scientists to develop new collaborative insights, disciplines and methods to create, design and execute projects that elaborate the research and work of Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison.

The mission of the Center for Force Majeure Studies (“the Center”) is to generate long-term research projects that address the emerging stresses of the Earth’s largest ecosystems by co-joining the processes of art-making and the Sciences within the uniquely and specifically-framed perspective of work by Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, understood as the Harrison Studio.

For more information on their work, the Green Museum the online museum for presenting an discussing environmental art. This was the second time Helen and Newton have been on this show. Their archive was recently moved to Stanford University and is currently being show in the Art and Architecture Library entitled, Four Decades: Selections from the Helen and Newton Harrison Papers.

In 2010 the Stanford University Libraries purchased the archives of Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison. Within the 170 linear feet of boxes lie the records of four decades of production, from the earliest works of the 1970s to the works-in-progress of the past few years. Materials include documentary photographs and slides, audio tapes, correspondence, notebooks, blueprints, financial records, grant proposals, newspaper clippings, exhibition catalogs, and computer equipment.

The items on display in the four exhibition cases represent a small fraction of the archive. Drawn from the records pertaining to four separate projects, they provide a glimpse of the Harrisons’ working processes and the environment in which each project was conceived and created.

The Lagoon Cycle: 1974-84
Atempause: Breathing Space for the Sava River: 1989-90
California Wash: 1996
Peninsula Europe: 2000-08

Here’s the video of our show:

To hear our broadcast in its entirety, please click the gray ‘play’ button below: [haiku url=”″ title=”Helen Meyer & Newton Harrison” graphical=”true”]


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