Ecological Artists, Professors Emeriti Newton & Helen Mayer Harrison talk about their work and exhibition, The Harrison Studio: On Mixing, Mapping and Territory, at the Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery at  UCSC.

The Harrison’s lecture took place February 6th. The show runs to March 15, 2013 at the Sesnon Gallery in Porter College.

To hear the Harrison’s Manifesto for the 21st Century, please click the gray ‘play’ button below.
[haiku url=”″ title=”Force Majeure Manifesto” graphical=”true”]

The Harrisons have exhibited in world acclaimed art shows:

  • Sao Paolo Biennale – the Mangrove and the Pond
  • Biennale Nagoia – the Sava River Work
  • The Documenta 8 – Centerpiece (1987) Kassel Works

The Harrison have received top world Awards:

  • Great Britain Civic Prize for doing the most to explain global warming to the British Public.
  • Holland for doing the most for the Dutch Landscape
  • Nagoia, Japan – 2nd Prize for the Sava River Work

The Harrison have done major works in Germany, the former Yugoslavia , Holland, Sri Lanka and England and minor works (in their opinion)  for France, Italy, and Czechoslovakia, to name a few.


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